Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello Irene~Chatham, Ma

Howdee all,

We haven't seen the brunt of the storm shouldn’t be too bad here in Chatham, Ma.

We had a nice walk early morning and late morning took a drive around town.

The winds had picked up.Irene~Late morning_001

There was minor flooding, in a few low lying areas.

Irene~Late morning_002We drove to Lighthouse beach..

Irene~Late morning_005Young girls having fun using sheets for sails..

Irene~Late morning_004The parking lot was full…Storm chasers..

Irene~Late morning_006No swimming allowed today..

Irene~Late morning_009Though..there were Board surfers going out to check out the surf..

Irene~Late morning_010I walked to the beach..

view looking south

Irene~Late morning_014I was sandblasted…I look five years younger now Smile

view looking north..

Irene~Late morning_017View toward the lighthouse..

Irene~Late morning_019Sand sailing..

Irene~Late morning_020Board sailing..

Irene~Late morning_022

Hello Irene…thanks for being kind to us so far..


Steve Borichevsky said...

Just a bit of a blow up here in Gloucester. Chatham probably got hit a bit harder.

Gaelyn said...

Looks like you, and many others, may have dodged this bullet.

So sandblasting makes you look younger huh? I may have to try that if it removes wrinkles. ;)

Math Worksheets said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

squawmama said...

So glad you are all ok... I have to say I was worried about you!!! GREAT photos!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Cynthia White said...

Super pics Dawn:)

diane-j-m said...

Glad Irene was good to all you in Cape Cod!

Kathiesbirds said...

Hello again dear Dawn. Glad you are okay. All is back to normal here in Andover. Not so good in CT though, as you know.

cindyzlogic said...

Glad you are ok, Dawn!! Great series of photos showing the shoreline and storm! We're still just dull, super hot heat here in Kansas.

Julie G. said...

Cool photographs, Dawn! So glad to hear things were not as bad as forecasted. I'm happy to know you are safe and sound. Whew!


What a fantastic way to enjoy life in the USA. A country I love visiting. Very envious of you. Best regards fron the uk.

dAwN said...

Thanks everyone! We certainly were lucky and dodged the storm.
We really didn't know where else to go.
Thank goodness we were at the right place!

Thanks again for your concern..I really do appreciate it.

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