Friday, August 12, 2011

Sabbaday Falls~ New Hampshire

Howdee all,

Not a hike but a lovely stroll to a very popular falls in New Hampshire, just off the Kancamagus Highway.

Sabbaday Falls

Round trip~ less than a mile

Little to no elevation gain

Easy stroll to the falls..



Bottom of the falls a greenish pool of water..

No swimming allowed here..

new hamp with tammy and joe_085This area gets allot of traffic ..some of the area is off limits to foot traffic.

new hamp with tammy and joe_086A water carved hole

new hamp with tammy and joe_090Back to the falls.. we start walking toward the top..

new hamp with tammy and joe_093Foot paths, stairs and bridges to the viewing areas…

new hamp with tammy and joe_095Getting closer to the top..

new hamp with tammy and joe_097The Falls…

Having just lost my was cool to see the cat head in the first part of the falls…

new hamp with tammy and joe_100Do you see the Big ear of the cat at the top falls..

new hamp with tammy and joe_112

How about here?

new hamp with tammy and joe_107I loved watching the water here…

new hamp with tammy and joe_104And the Cat head…

new hamp with tammy and joe_105A nice easy walk on a hot day..

new hamp with tammy and joe_113Refreshing and Relaxing..

new hamp with tammy and joe_115

Sabbaday Falls…

Put it on your list of Falls to see.

new hamp with tammy and joe_101


  1. What a cool place! I love those little pools. It makes me want to go skinny dippin' - I mean chunky dunkin'.

  2. We love the Kancamagus Highway... what beautiful photos of the falls!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Interesting post and lovely photos. What a beautiful place!

  4. Omigosh! What cool, refreshing pictures. I wish I was closer to New Hampshire.

  5. Love the color of the water..a cool minty green!

  6. Beautiful images! Looks like a fabulous place to visit. I love the sound of falls. These are really quite stunning. Fun cat head!

  7. ...this does need to go on my list to see. Gorgeous!!

  8. What an incredibly beautiful place Dawn! I love waterfalls and that canyon is amazing. Very cool cat head and the pool is absolutely surreal with the surrounding ferns and that green water!

  9. Looks like a beautiful waterfalls, Dawn! The pools are pretty, my hubby would love this place. Wonderful photos!

  10. Dawn that cat in the falls is just too cool. It is little Ballie saying, I am still with you where ever you and Jeff go!

  11. Ah, a pretty place! I love waterfalls and I love cats. The cat face in the Falls is just so neat.

  12. Thanks friends for all you kind comments..

    If you are ever in the White Mountains of New Hampshire..i recommend this little stroll to these beautiful falls..

    We have seen them in the winter too...all frozen and lovely.

    Robert~ No skinny dippin or chunky dunkin allowed in these falls...hee hee

    Diane..I sure like to think that too!

  13. Beautiful spot! Amazingly, even I saw the cat's ear! Must be the photographer. I'd probably never see it at the actual site.

    Looks like the perfect spot to be in August.

  14. Sooo pretty! We loved your home state... And, sorry we missed each other once again! Any plans to pass through Maryland soon?

  15. Looks like a nice cool place. Great shots. Looks like you've had a wonderful summer in Maine and New Hampshire - two favorite states of mine!

  16. Great photographs! I love the different views of the waterfall.

  17. Thanks you was really special seeing that cats head in the fall.

    Thanks for coming by to comment..I think i am still a bit blue and are not blogging or commenting on blogs as I was...I still want to blog about my Balliecat..but cant bear it right now...thanks for your patience.

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    ~might be thru your area the beginning of November..will let you know if it looks good for stopping.


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