Monday, January 17, 2011

It was snowy last week…

Howdee all,

So this was last week here in North Carolina…

Snow…just a few inches…


The birds were in an eating frenzy at the feeders..Snowstorm_083

A day or so after the snow we had freezing rain overnight..snow and ice_002

Leaving everything glistening…snow and ice_009

Ice everywhere..snow and ice_018It was a beautiful..slippery scene..snow and ice_024I loved how everything was sparkly…snow and ice_028Shining in the sun…snow and ice_029Ice weighing down branches…snow and would never know this happened…snow and ice_033The ice melted a few days ago…snow and ice_035The last remnants of snow are gone…snow and ice_036Rain tonight….birds and more_002No more icy jewels to be found..birds and more_009

Glad I captured this one…birds and more_008

Hope you are all staying warm…My Mother says they will be getting more snow in Connecticut.  Its warming here in North Carolina…50s tomorrow.

We leave here in two days…Going south…Florida is our destination.

First stop Merritt Island and the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

Anyone else going?


  1. When I went to work that morning and saw all the gorgeousness I was hoping that you would be out there capturing it. Stop with the leaving are making me cry....

  2. Beautiful scenes of the snow & ice wonderland. Here in Texas we get way more ice than show so the sparkly scene is familiar here. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. The snow is so beautiful in the pictures. Too bad it's so danged cold!


  5. Lovely pics Dawn! HOW I wish I was going to the Birding festival! I'm sure you will have tons of fun and take lots of pics to share with us :)

    And Safe Travels my friend!

  6. We're going to be getting some of that weathe rthis week. Super cold and snow one day and rain the next ;-) Have fun in Florida!!!

  7. Wonderful wintry photos, Dawn. The ice does look pretty. I think you have the right idea about going south. I wish I could head to Florida too. Have a great time and take lots of pic's

  8. Beautiful pictures... Loved them!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  9. Gorgeous shots--I especially like the ones of the leaves. Hope you enjoy the festival--I envy you!

  10. Would rather be birding in Florida than enduring the snowy-rainy day we are getting today in Glah-sta!

  11. I was born in North Carolina, so being new to your blog, viewing all these wonderful photos of my home state is a real treat. Of course everything was coated with a layer of ice here in Pennslyvania this morning as well.

  12. Gorgeous glittery images, Dawn! It really is beautiful when everything is covered with ice ... though, it makes traveling much more difficult.

    Wishing you safe travels! Looking forward to your posts from the Sunshine State.

  13. Freezing rain is treacherous for driving but it sure looks great!

  14. I had no idea you got that kind of weather in that neck of the woods.

  15. Great capture!!! The cardinals are so beautiful and that last frozen seed pod...a real gem
    Hope you enjoy your trip down here to Florida!!

  16. How beautiful any bit of color looks against the snow and ice! I especially love cardinals in the snow. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, Dawn.

  17. Thanks dear friends and family for your kind comments!

    I loved the ice..but I am ready for some warm.

    wish some of you were going to the Spacecoast festival! Its getting warm in Florida...still time to come down and bird..

    Let me know,if any of you are coming down..We would love to bird with you.


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