Thursday, January 20, 2011

Afternoon at Pee Dee NWR

Howdee all,

This past Sunday, Sicksta Dell and her hubbie Craigy and Jeffy and I went on a road trip to Pee Dee NWR. It was over an hour drive from Carthage.

Jeff and I were hoping to see some water birds..Pee Dee_008

Nothing in the first pond.Pee Dee_187Sicksta walking towards us from the parking lotPee Dee_009

We went to the fields that would  normally be flooded…no water, sad to say…so…no water birds…Except for one Great Blue Heron seen later in the dayPee Dee_010

The boardwalk was a bit slippery…luckily if we fell there was no water below..just snow..Pee Dee_013

We took the boardwalk to the woods…and then into the woods….Pee Dee_015

Hobbit homePee Dee_017Pee Dee_016

Shaggy bark something…Pee Dee_019A log full of Turkey tail mushroom and some other unidentified shroomsPee Dee_022Sicksta Adele and I chewed on the Fresh Turkeytails..Pee Dee_024

They were delicious…and beautifulPee Dee_033LichenPee Dee_038It was a beautiful day…one of the warmest in several weeks…Pee Dee_041Green moss and lichen covered boulder…Pee Dee_042I haven't Identified this yet…anyone? Oh Sicksta Lori???Pee Dee_046Kangaroo tree…Pee Dee_049

Pee Dee_050The trail meets a paved road…thru the park..last time we were here it was gravel..Sad to see it pavedPee Dee_052Another area of water…still no ducks…Pee Dee_054Orange rock in snow..Pee Dee_057Woodland reflections..Pee Dee_059We saw a large flock of Rusty Blackbirds here…Pee Dee_060

Can you see the two faces in the ice? one is sad..Pee Dee_063

Pee Dee_065

We saw Ruby and Golden crowned Kinglets…lots of Song and White-crowned sparrows..Pee Dee_068

Sicksta checking out the birdiesPee Dee_074

Circled reflectionPee Dee_078We didn’t venture up this side road …doesn’t it look inviting?Pee Dee_083A look back at the waterway…no ducks…Pee Dee_085A nest box in the ducks..Pee Dee_087Bark beautifulPee Dee_091

I like this out of focus photo of Sicksta Dell and Craigy..Pee Dee_094I love this shaggy bark..Pee Dee_107

A last look over what should be filled with water…no ducks…Pee Dee_114These trees have cool bumps…Pee Dee_119 water…no ducks…Pee Dee_125The road meanders back to the parking lot….Pee Dee_131Another small body of waterPee ducks..Pee Dee_136

Pee Dee_142We take a short trail off to the right…Pee Dee_144Pee Dee_147

This area had lots of Robins.. Pee Dee_149Red-headed woodpeckers …No bird photos today..Pee Dee_152The Robins were busy eating the Holly berries..Pee Dee_156We follow the grass lined path to the parking lot..Pee Dee_161An area of bent grass to the left.. Deer?Pee Dee_164

Craigy taking photosPee Dee_179As he walks toward us..Pee Dee_180Sicksta Dell tries to pick him up…Pee Dee_182Then Dell and Jeffy try to grab him….Pee Dee_183

All in a wonderful day…a fun outing..With Sicksta and CraigyPee Dee_165

Jeff and I are in Savannah, Georgia. Its beautifully warm today…time to bask in the sun!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to explore!

  2. Oh, love the lichen photos. Beautiful.

  3. Great photos Dawn... Loved the fun comments. Sorry you didn't have bird luck!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  4. A lot of nice photos,especially the mushrooms-gotta say I'm Lichen it.

  5. That looks like a fun walk. Sorry the birdies were in hiding but at least you had fun with Jeffie, sicksta and ghetto boy. Love the hobbit home!!

  6. Yes I saw the two faces. glad to hear you are getting someplace warm and sunny.

  7. Weather aside, it was lovely scenery Dawn.

  8. Wow Dawn, those were some psychedelic mushrooms you chewed on! I'd stay away from them if I were you! What a crazy hike! Beautiful!

  9. P.S. your 60's are showing!

    Also, Gus says: "I'd pay good money for some of those shrooms!"

  10. Lovely scenic images! Sounds like you had a very enjoyable walk. The sights were certainly beautiful. The Turkeytails are especially colorful. As always, a pleasure to view your blog. Enjoy your time spent in Georgia!

  11. Thanks everyone for your kind comments..I really appreciate it.
    And as Larry said..
    I am lichen it!
    Have fun and stay warm!

  12. Thanks everyone for your kind comments..I really appreciate it.
    And as Larry said..
    I am lichen it!
    Have fun and stay warm!


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