Sunday, January 02, 2011

Meet Bella…

Howdee all,
Two weeks since we left our Home on Wheels in North Carolina and headed to Connecticut for a Family Christmas.  A very busy, fun filled two weeks…despite the sudden loss of my parents shining, smiling Star just a few days before Christmas.
We were happy that we were there for my parents to make a very difficult time a bit easier for them. My father is a person, who can not be without a dog….so…we searched and searched online until we found
She is eight months old…house trained..and a very sweet Dobbie that hardly barks.
Her owners both worked..the wife was pregnant and they had no time for Bella…they were sad to loose her after eight months but felt it was best for Bella…she spent over eight hours a day in a crate..not to mention the evening.
She  will now have plenty of attention.
And some obedience training…she had the tendency to jump on peopleBella_002Bella made herself at home and is very happy…Bella_012
And so is Dad…
Bella_002 (1)
I hope you all had a Wonderful Holiday… I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I need to read blogs to catch up on everyone…I am so behind with everything…..Hope to see my cyberfriends soon.


  1. What a sweet gift for you dad--and for Bella! May they have many happy years together. Happy New Year to you!

  2. I have happy tears, Dawn. There's no better gift.


  3. She's adorably cute but a little big for a lap dog.

  4. I empathize with your dad about his need for a dog. I'm pretty much never without a dog - or two. So glad he's found such dear pretty Bella. Happy New Year, Dawn, to you & yours.

  5. That looks like a lucky match for all!!

  6. So glad your dad has a new friend. And so glad Bella has someone who can more time with her. A win win situation:)

  7. Thanks Dear friends...

    Bella is fitting in very nicely. She is a good and obedient puppy. Some thing wonderful happened recently.

    My parents dog Star that passed away used to smile.

    A few days ago On my mothers Birthday,my mother came home from a yoga class...Bella greeted her at the door and Smiled a few times for her..Bella never smiled before according to her previous owners.

    The following day, yesterday, Bella Smiled for my father when he came home and took her out of her crate.

    Needless to say my parents were so happy and called us right away to tell us about their Smiling Puppy.

    Thanks for all of your comments and concern!!


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