Friday, January 21, 2011

Pro HDR for Iphone or Itouch

Howdee all,

I am having fun with this new app I purchased for my Itouch its called Pro HDR.

The app takes two images of the light area in a photo and one of the dark area…and merges both of them..While the quality is not wonderful..I do like what it does…I can only imagine this type of app in the future.. Here is a review of the app.

I think there are a few cameras out there that have this any of you have more experience with this?

All of the photos below are taken with my Itouch and the Pro HDR app.


We are now in Savannah, Georgia..

Jeff found this shell on the beach…image

The beach at Tybee Island

imageSun setting at Skidaway Islandimage


Ballie… image

Tomorrow we head south..don’t know where we will end up…


  1. That's my kind of travel, destination unknown.

  2. I love it and I forgot I downloaded it when you were here but didn't use it yet. Keep your photos coming sicksta!!

  3. First year out we stopped at Tybee Island. Really like it there.

  4. Have fun! Your sunset shots are beautiful.

  5. Oh the shot of the beach is amazing Dawn. I think landscape shots in HDR are beautiful. Congrats on your new toy!
    *wishing she was a beach at Tybee Island right now and away from the cold snow*

  6. You came up with some interesting photos, Dawn. HDR allows you to capture a wider range of lights and shadows and you demonstrate it in you landscapes and your cat too. The trick is not to have any motion since that will result in a fuzzy photo, when the two images are merged.

  7. Love your photos and cannot wait to see where you go next!!!!! I have a black kitty also!

  8. OMG Ballie is adorable! What a are approaching warmth..Enjoy!

  9. Nice lettered olive shell! Sorry it's not warmer here in the lowcountry. Savanah saw snow flakes on Saturday!

  10. You are doing tech reviewa now Dawn? Great, sounds like a very useful app.

  11. Gaelyn
    Youve got it fellow gypsy! Nice to just go and not have a destination in mind!

    You really should check out the app..great for indoor photos too..Of course the quality is not like regular camera...

    Yes Tybee is funky fun!

    Thanks! all with the Itouch..

    Thanks Kimmy ...Wish I could transport you away from all that white stuff!

    Hilke Breder
    Yes..HDR is fun..though the quailty of the itouch is lacking..I would love a camera that did this on its own..I also tried two images but moving a bit ..can create cool photos with the overlap.

    Weekend Cowgirl
    Aww thanks...Love my black fur boy~

    Thanks boy is 15 years young..Warm weather here we come!

    Thanks for the shell ID..I should have ordered warmer weather.:)

    Gunnar Engblom
    Well, not a very techy review..but I found it an interesting app. Now I want it in a Camera.


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