Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pee Dee NWR, NC.. The Berry Birds are here!

Howdee all,

Yesterday Jeff and I went to Pee Dee NWR. It was a beautiful sunny day but quite windy.

I call this the day of berry birds because the blues and red birdies we saw. Summer Tanagers were singing all over the place, Blue Grosbeaks and Eastern Bluebirds greeted us in the grassy areas, over the water many Indigo buntings called and flew in front of us along the path, We also heard the American Redstart and lots of Cardinals.


I digiscoped this of many flying around the fields and bluebird nest boxes.CIMG3477

Killdeer with Babies…they are so tiny.


A Spotted Sandpiper on the boardwalk


Doing its little bobbing dance.

Look at all these tadpoles...Wow.. ...I took a video clip as well so some of you that might know what kind they are…could give me some more information.


These Zebra Swallowtails were all over the place and I chased them around to try to get a decent photo. I thought the colors were so lovely the baby blue and the strike of red toward the tail. Did you know this early spring form of this butterfly is smaller in size and lighter in color ?


We had a great time despite the wind.

Today is a gardening and cleaning day for me.

Jeff went for an early morning birdie walk.

I Hope whatever you do today….you find some joy in the simple things!


  1. Hi Dawn,
    Your Bluebird is such a pretty bird and the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly is amazing.
    Regarding your previous post and home-made rocks I have never heard of anyone doing that before but the end result was excellent.

  2. Hi Dawn, Really great post! I have got to work on attracting the bluebirds to my yard... so much to do and working just gets in the way!

    Craig Glenn

  3. What a beautiful butterfly!

  4. Dawn,
    I would love to see one of those zebra swallowtails! Such delightful colors...
    Love your cloud really did look like a nice day...and a fun time to bird! :)

  5. Dawn, it's been so long... I love the look of your blog and the images here (Bluebird) are fabulous. Really. Awesome.

  6. Great video of the baby killdeer. Very cute!

  7. What a marvelous outing! Beautiful! The vids are great. I saw a Zebra swallow very briefly yesterday and thought they were here mighty early. Those Killdeer and the babes... love it! And the Sandpiper doing its "bobbing dance"... teehee how cute is that!? Towards the end of it I couldn't help but recall a familiar tune ... "Under the Boardwalk" : - ) And tadpoles ... oh yeah! Great pics! I've got my ears peeled for Tanagers! Seeing all that beautiful blue sky and beautiful birds and nifty things you and Jeff saw makes me want to put the garden shovel away and go walk the track .... NO! (must keep diggin' and hoeing - lol)

  8. Great pictures of the birds! What kind of camera do you have?

  9. Wow. I like your shots of the birdies.

    I tried capturing 1 that build a nest outside my windows but the birdie is to small and will fly away if we get too near to its nest.

    How to get a nice photos of it?

  10. Love these photos too! Don't have time for the videos although I'll come back...on the run today. Love these photos and that bluebird, wow.

  11. What a great post! I didn't know that about zebra swallowtails. I have only seen them in June around here. The bluebird photo is fantastic.

  12. Love the Zebra Swallowtail-so cool!
    I saw a Spotted Sanpiper too last weekend-it didn't tayarond long enough for me to take a photo-I wonder if it knew that I spotted him.

  13. hi Dawn, your digiscoping is looking good.
    Any closer to deciding which camera you are going to get?
    The only way to fit a full size DSLR in to your pocket is to either wear a really big coat, or to carry a hammer with you. But most digiscopers just use a compact camera with a decent lens. What scope will you be attaching it to?

    Happy digiscoping

  14. Karen,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I was using a Casio exlim and did some digiscoping..I am now trying out a few cameras looking for can check out my latest post to see which one I am liking most.

  15. Thank you all for your comments..I am sorry I don't have time to respond to each one of you..I have been busy and my husband came down with a tick bite sickness..
    I will be back on track with blogs and such in a few weeks..
    thanks again!


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