Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Camera Angst

Howdee all,

This gal is frustrated! 

As most of you know my little camera went swimming and it seemed to recover..except for the zoom mechanism which works when it feels like it, which is not very often lately.

I really liked my little Casio Xlim it was small…fit on my hip in a little holster…I wore it almost every minute….It took decent photos. Digiscoped fairly well with the home made adapter Jeff put together….and it was easy to make videos using windows movie maker because the video files were avi instead of the mov files that most newer cameras have.

Well the little thing didn't want to work so I ordered two cameras. Jeff also needed a new one. I was looking for one with some good zoom..without going to a big SLR.

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

20x optical zoom

Canon sx10 is and the

Canon Powershot sx200

12x Optical zoom

canon_sx200_titleBoth had Excellent ratings @ Steve's Digicam site

I wanted to like the big Canon with the 20x zoom takes beautiful videos with smooth zooming …Beautiful photos with Macro settings…and I could capture birdies on the feeder from many feet away without digiscoping.

But I found it big…bulky and I kept picking up the smaller Canon to keep with me during the day. 

The little Canons videos are ok. Similar to my casio…...with maybe a bit more noise from the camera itself. I can deal with that I suppose. The zoom doesn't work fully when taking a video…and the files are Mov..larger files… If Want to use windows movie maker the files first need to be converted…Pain!

It takes much more time than the simple drag and drop I did before.

I have not yet found a program that will convert and make videos easily yet.

I just want to be able to put them on utube to share. Which I haven't figured out how to do yet.

My sister Tammy found a software program she likes..I may try that.

Any other ideas for making a easy movie with some effects and transitions that I can upload to Utube…I don't care what format..just ease of use.

The little Canon takes some nice Macro shots.


    IMG_0170 I am pleased with most of the still shots.

IMG_0173 IMG_0174 I have mostly been trying out the macro and super macro modes.

Not bad for a small camera.

IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 Color seems to be good…though I have found that purples are more blue than purple. My little casio was the same. I don't know the reason for that.

IMG_0210  IMG_0222 IMG_0226 IMG_0229 IMG_0236

IMG_0244 I have also used the zoom from afar to see if I can capture birds…not bad.

I was quite a bit away from the birds in these photos.


 IMG_0267 IMG_0010IMG_0269 I think I will most likely be returning the Big Casio and keeping the smaller one. I don't know if the smaller camera will be good for digiscoping..but from what I have  read I think i need a smaller zoom.

So back to the drawing board on a second camera.

Any help or ideas ???????


So that's what's going on

Between cameras and Jeff's tick bite sickness…

I haven't read blogs or blogged…

I now have to go off on assignment..

My sister wants me to photograph her garden beds she has a record of her

April Flowers.


  1. The most important thing is getting a camera that you know is the most comfortable for you and one that you know you will pick up and use all the time. I would still get that camera with a zoom lens for special things. Movavi is awesome and so easy to use. I would get that. You can use their program or after you convert them you can use movie maker. I have done both. If you need anymore info just give me a hollah..

  2. I would get both I mean.. Have that big one in the back pack for those times you need to really zoom in on something..

  3. My husband bought the little Canon and just loves it. He does volunteer trail work and he can fit this one in his backpack and although the Canon wasn't exactly cheap, he doesn't have to worry about having a really expensive camera with him. He even found a hard carrying case for protecting it. Takes nice photographs and is very easy to carry and to use.

  4. Hi Dawn, Now that you have done all the leg work in researching cameras, I will definately call you when I need a new one. I wouldn't know where to start..... I'm a point and click type of gal that seems to have great s--- luck!

  5. I'm sure you'll soon be used to the new camera, and wonder what you ever did without it. Looks like it's capable of taking great pictures.

  6. Wheres my April pictures sicksta.

  7. Sounds like you made a good choice..loved all your pics..and I'm quite impressed with that zoom! Beautiful colors and good detail quality..
    Have fun with those April better hurry May is just turning that corner.

  8. Think the blue/purple thing is any digital camera. Absolutely love the columbine.

    Leedra’s Photos For FunLeedra’s Greeting CardsPhotography By Leedra

  9. I thought the macros from your camera turned out great! I think getting a camera is based on your lifestyle and it sounds like the smaller casio will fit your needs and be easy for you to go hiking with!

  10. Good luck with your decision. Ditto all of the above. You'll soon love whatever you select.

  11. I use both of my Canons on a daily basis...the SX10IS, which is very similar to my previous S3IS and the Canon SD850IS which is small and takes very nice macro shots. Good luck on your decision.

  12. Wow, those are great close-up. I have a hard time with those...they come out blury!

  13. Oh I loved the pictures of the birdies on the thingie that the yoga girl is holding. Is there seed or water there? Also of the cardinal at something with a stop sign behind. Is that at one my flower birdbaths in the garden with the arch that has lonicera growing on it? If so that is cool. Craigie made sure I put water in there last night but they don't hold that much water cause they are so shallow. Did you take that one today after I put water in it. I just put them there for some winter interest but I would be happy to know the birds will light there.

  14. I just bought a Canon1000IS with 10mgp, 4x optical zoom (maybe would like more), 10x digital zoom, takes great macros and is very small. Loving it so far.

    All you shots came out great. I like the pansies best.

    Good luck and have fun playing with it.

  15. Tink,
    I really like the small camera..but love the video and capabilities of the 20x zoom...I might just keep both..but thanks to Costco I have 90 days to make sure. So far Movavi works great for conversion..Thanks

    Yes I really like the little canon 12x zoom..lots of camera in a small package. I really am looking to replace my hip camera...but since my husband wants one...we might keep both...dont know yet.

    Arizona Girl,
    I have some good camera ideas for a simple point and shoot when you are ready..just give me a shout.

    You are right bobbie..I am sure it is just a learning curve..and then I will be happy when I am familiar with my surroundings.

    Yes I better hurry and get all those photos...gee..where did April go?

    Yeah..must be...what Camera do you use? I assume an SLR because of your great photos. I give kudos to those of you who carry around a big camera!

    Yes...I think you are right..I do need my hip pocket camera...but I am so tempted to keep the big 20x zoom for special occasions...
    Jury is still out on that.

    Yes...I just wish that I could fit a dslr in my pocket! then I would have no questions.

    Ruth, you have the same big 20x that I am looking you love it? It seems to take awesome photos and video.
    The smaller canon that you have looks nice too. I might take that into concideration if we cant digiscope with the 12x.
    Well you certainly have no problem with you painting..which is beautiful ..But I think your photos are nice on your blog.
    thanks for coming to say Hi.

    That dish is full of seed...and the other photo you are talking about with the the same dish with seed..just from another angle. Put some seed and or water in those @ the lonicera garden..and the birdies will come.

    Thanks for the camera input...I will concider that camera if we need something for digiscoping.
    I am having fun taking the photos.

    Thank you all for your comments..
    I always appreciate feedback.

  16. They say misery loves company. I'll be on the search soon for a new camera as well (to go with a new scope). Thanks for the info.

  17. I like your phots, and voted for you in the Eagle contest. I gave you 4 stars,and myself 5 starts. Eagle sent me another back pack, which sells for $250 for free. I guess I won it somehow.

    Have you seen my blog????


  18. The Zen Birdfeeder,
    Hope you find the camera of your dreams..Somehow they havent looked at my dream yet and developed what I want..LOL

  19. Ken,,
    your link from this comment area to your blog doesnt I couldnt go should fix that..
    How the heck did you get a backpack again? I want one...
    boo hoo..
    New binos will do..LOL

  20. Really enjoyed visiting your blog space today. My family is into wildlife rescue and appreciated the birdie photos. I miss the bright red of cardinals flying across the sky, they are so colorful.

  21. I think that's a great idea to keep both. The large one will come in handy for those special shots. I can just hear you saying... Man, I wish I had that large zoom camera right now..

  22. The pics of the flowers came out so beautiful! Love em.. nice new camera... takes great pictures... I look forward to seeing LOTS more... Give poor Jeff a hug from me... and tell him I hope he gets better soon!!! xoxo

  23. Hi Dawn, the photos taken with your new cameras look really good. I have used many different Canon cameras over the years and have found very little not to like about any of the models. Regarding your posting to YouTube simply- try the latest version of Google's Picasa software. It has a YouTube button on it. I typically make my videos using Microsoft's Movie Maker that comes with Windows XP and then save the files as the portable media file 1MB/s. That usually gives me a really small video size to upload and store. Here is a link to a sample video from my Canon G9 to YouTube using Windows Movie Maker: It looks better if you click on the HQ button on YouTube for the High Quality video option. But again, to answer your question- you should be able to upload your videos straight from Picasa3 to YouTube without having to convert them.

  24. Wow!! I too have Canon PowerShot SX10 IS digital camera which got from Adorama... I love it!! All those flowers and birds pictures are just AMAZING!!

  25. Wish I could help but I don't know nothing. I haven't even learned all the settings on my new camera yet.

    Love your photos though, they are beautiful!!

  26. Pearl Maple,
    Thanks for visiting...Dont you have any red birdies in Australia?

    I am beginning to think you are right..But i really think I need three cameras.

    Butterfly Garden Freak,
    Thanks butterfly....I try not to get to close to Jeff..he is a bear when hes sick and he might just take a swipe at me...tee hee

    Daniel Spurgeon,
    Thanks for your suggestions..I am leaning toward keeping the big Canon and maybe replacing the small canon with the panaonic lumix with the same 12x zoom..and then buying one more camera for digiscoping...tee hee

    Who the heck are you?? both your links took me to advertisement.

    Well..I don't know nuttin either..tee hee..
    But I am a tryin to learn the darn cameras..but I don't want to learn them too well case I don't keep both...

  27. I was thinking about getting the
    sx-10 as my Canon S2 IS is a little outdated but I'm waiting for the price to come down.-Also I was told that one of the Panasonic FZ-s can be manually focused the way an slr can.-So I'm not really sure yet-I want improvement over my current camera in my photos without getting into slr money and bulk.

  28. Larry,
    The sx 10 is a nice has great reviews...I was thinking of not keeping it because of the
    but ....
    i love what it can do..I haven't tried all the manual controls it is a big learning curve for me I was a point and shoot kinda gal.
    I thought it had a manual focus somewhere..but like I said I havent yet tested out all the features.
    gotta love the 20x zoom

    What is also amazing is the small canon with the 12x zoom...small enough to carry around with me constantly..but this I will most likely exchange for the Pano lumix..which had better reviews but..doesn't have manual controls, which is ok for a camera that I would have with me daily.
    Good luck on your camera choice.

  29. Thanks-I think i may take a while.
    Sorry to hear about Jeff-Hope he gets better-I am always afraid of ticks.


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