Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birds, flowers and mushrooms in our Yard

Howdee all,

Sometimes the things you are looking for are in you are right in your own backyard.

Most springs you will find us parked for the month of April at my sister Adele's and her husband Craig's home.

CIMG3207 We set up our feeders and wait for the birds to come.

I set up the scope inside and took a few photos.

Now that it is warm I will set the scope up outside and do some digiscoping.

CIMG3115The American Goldfinch shows up soon after we put up the feeders. CIMG3068

We are always excited to see the migrants come back.

Here's our Blue Grosbeak that arrived a few days ago.


We are expecting to see the Indigo buntings any day now. The Rose-breasted Grosbeak usually shows up after the Buntings.

The Brown thrashers are singing. The Carolina wrens are singing a bit too much for me….non stop over and over…sometimes..I just want to turn off its switch.

The feeder is always full with birds.

I love our little squeaky toy Brown-headed nuthatches…

The Chickadees are now nesting in the moon. I will take a video to show you their new home.

We also find wonderful birds in the yard that don't go to the feeders. Eastern Bluebirds, Vireos, Cedar waxwings, Blue-gray gnatcatchers', Kestrels', and others.

Birdie life is good here.

Yesterday, I looked across the street and saw some Tulip Poplars….they keep whispering to me….so before dinner, I walked over to to see what they had to say..…


Look what I found. I walked around for a half hour and found five beauties. Today I will search again.

CIMG3198 Most evenings after dinner…Adele, the pups and I go for a walk around the yard.

Adele, an avid gardener, is always looking to see what is popping up out of the ground…what is blooming…and what plants didn't survive the winter.

You can click on the photo album to see more.

Its fun walking around our Yard…wherever we are.

Sometimes we drive to a “special place”….when, really, the special place is right here in our own backyard.

Have a great day ….


Take time to smell the flowers…and look around in your own backyard for




  1. I really like those Blue Grosbeaks! So different from my rose-breasted ones! You must enjoy spending time w/ your sister - she looks like she has a lovely yard!

  2. So many neat birds over there. I just see the same old same old at my feeders.

  3. Hey Dawn!
    Great photos! I hope you get to see the painted bunting soon. I've never seen one...

    p.s. I like your 'Linkwithin' gadget! HA HA!!! Neat tool isnt it?

  4. Nice to have the scope. Have not tried digiscoping.

    About the morels in the GSMNP, we have had plenty of rain this year, so hopefully I will still find some to photograph.

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  5. A Blue Grosbeak AND morels? What a lucky woman you are. Great photographs.

  6. What fantastic photos of the goldfinch and grosbeak!! You are getting really good w/ that digiscoping!

  7. This is very beautiful and like in a wonderland!

    Forehead Stamp

  8. Those are words of wisdom Dawn. Everything we really need is always surrounding us here at this moment. Its wonderful that you have so many birds to make friends with. I have never seen a blue grosbeak. Thanks for the peak into its life. And you found a morel. How cool. Keep on attracting the beauty in life.

  9. I love the thought that you can just change the scenery of your yard at any! What a joy to have the Blue Grosbeak at the feeder! I've only seen one maybe twice around here, but my male bluebird always runs him off if he comes to the feeders.

  10. I'm not believing this! Your story on Morels last week sent me to the area of woods where I always see a lot of fungi and lichen (grows well in that area.) No luck finding Morels (didn't surprise me; have never seen them before)... until yesterday! It was a great moment (you got credit - lol :)

    Great photos of the Goldfinch and Blue Grosbeak! You've got some gorgeous birds to see in the area you're visiting.

    What a lovely Madonna ...smelling the flower in the garden. "Take time to smell the flowers" (so true; that's a favorite around here.)

  11. Beautiful series!.
    I like that Goldfinch picture

  12. Shellmo,
    Yes the Blue Grosbeaks are lovely. I am sad that this one left so early..and yes its fun here, we stay most aprils and nov. here.

    Beach girl,
    You never know when a new bird will come around. Keep watching and feeding!

    We usually get the Indigo not the painted bunting..but I would love to see the Painted here..Thanks for the Linkwithin gadget..I see others putting it on lately.

    Birdworld blog,

    I am still waiting to see your morel I can drool!

    Yes i sure am!

    I keep practicing..I hope to get better and better!

    Bhavesh Chhatbar
    Yes it is beautiful here1

    Natural Moments
    Yes i do have a few words of wisdom now and then..tee hee..but I will leave them up to you have many...and done so beautifully.

    yes it is a great lifestyle..if we dont like it we leave..though that doesnt happen very often.
    I hope your bluebird lets the grosbeak hang around longer.

    I loved your morel story! I linked to it in my latest post.

    Thank you so much!

  13. I'll be back for more catch up and in the meantime, have fun at your sis'...


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