Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chickadees nest in the Moon, Weymouth Woods walk.

Howdee all,

The Chickadees are nesting in the Moon again! In the first part of the video…notice one of them arriving …then singing…and the other leaves the moon.

We always go to Weymouth woods when we are here in NC. To see the Red-cockaded woodpecker and whatever birdies might be around.weymouthwoods

These photos were digiscoped in November…when we just bought our scope.weymouthwoods (1)

We didn't bring the scope yesterday when we went out with the Ranger on a bird walk.

The highlights of the day were a Worm-eating Warbler..a life bird for us.

and the first Summer Tanager of the year here.

weymouth woods (7)

The ferns are just starting to unfold…

Look at how fuzzy these ferns are. I don't know what kind these are…

But I thought they were very cool.

Today we go on a wildflower walk with the ranger..So we will be able to put names with the wild flowers and ferns









This one below is so delicate and artful.

weymouth woods (22) weymouth woods (8)

I have a thing for bark. My mother says she does too. I guess its genetic..tee hee

I don't know what this tree is but will find out today on our ranger walk. The pieces of bark jut out like buttons that need to be pressed back in.






Weymouth woods is a Long Leaf Pine woods, with some wetlands…



That's where I saw the Whirligig Beetles doing their thing.

weymouth woods (13)

Did you know that their eyes are divided so that they can see above and below the water at the same time? Did you know that they can fly?

I was fascinated by the patterns they were making in the reflections.

I found the last morels from across the street. We need more rain to flush some new ones out. Tonight we will get some.


You must read this Morel story from a great blog i found recently

Down to Earth

Jay found some nice Morels with his Dad and as far as I know still hasn't picked them. I threatened to get them myself!

Morels (1)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. I am so behind, I will be back to catch up. I always enjoy your travelogues...

  2. Great post. I loved the chickadees in the moon. Was it intended to be a nesting box?

  3. Those ferns in the 5th photo are marvelous! So delicate and ornate.

  4. Hi Dawn,
    I sure do need to learn a litle more about digiscoping. It sounds pretty cool and I've seen some great bird photos from it.

    I too like bark! You see some really interesting kinds out there! You captured a great one!

    Nice photos!

  5. I love the chicadee video--is that a birdhouse? I like the photo of the whirlibug too--you have a good eye.
    Thanks for posting comments to my blog!

  6. Congrats on the new warbler! I have been looking for morels now where ever I go. They look so lovely!

  7. That is an unique Chickadee nest box! Love the videos and photos, and those morels are making me hungry!

  8. Dawn,
    Lovely little video of the chickadee..what a great home for him!! Who pushed the cap aside I they could get in!!
    Interesting mushrooms...don't think I could eat them tho.not a mushroom lover :)

  9. I like tree bark too! LOL! I want to push those little buttons in! I was taking photos of pine tree bark this past weekend - great minds think alike! Yea on more morels! I think next week they'll be ready in Michigan - we have a friend who's going to show us his secret spot.

  10. Well now...if you were a good Sanford, North Carolina girl you would mash those buttons..not push them hahaha. The moon was actually a birdfeeder that the chicks thought would make a better house. The cap on top never fit and you really can't make it fit even if you try and try and try and try which I did endlessly.

  11. Dawn,
    I'm a bark nut too! Please come see us as you head North...

  12. I enjoyed your lovely walk in the forest. Very pretty pictures.

  13. Love your chickadees nesting in the moon. :c) Looks like a beautiful place to explore.

  14. What CUTE chickadees nesting in such a cute moon! I'm always hoping to see or hear the Red-cockaded in the woods (they're in the Croatan Nat Forest in Craven Co. not far from here, and we have pines (probably not enough though.)

    I always called those cute curled up things "baby ferns" .. I saw several jars of them on the counter at the hardware store "Pickled Fiddleheads!!"

    Ah... you're so sweet (and they're still here lol- I found seven but I'm hoping to find more.) Called cousin in MI (where grandfolks were from) and he can't believe I haven't picked em! Cool Morels!

  15. That tree does have some neat bark.

    I found one morel over the weekend in the GSMNP, but it was on it's last leg. Real dark.

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  16. Came back to see the two fun and I love that moon. I'm wondering where to get one!


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