Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sora @ Green Cay Wetlands… BPW

Howdee All,

If you want to see birds up close and personal a great place to go while in Florida is Green Cay Wetlands.

We met a photographer while we were there, Bill Kominsky,  each time we visited Green Cay we saw Bill taking photos.  He has some absolutely amazing photos…You must check them out.

Below are two that I digiscoped while at Green Cay.

greencay (21) greencay (22)

Sora digiscoped at Green Cay wetlands..I am still a beginner.

For more birdie photos click on the picture below.bird photog weekly


  1. Nice photos Dawn. Adding the Sora to my life list this spring is my birding goal. Hope to have time to visit Wisconsin's Horicon Marsh to find one!

  2. What a cute, cute bird. I'd never seen or heard of this bird. I love wetlands and was wondering if we might have the Sora in this area (would want to put on list, too!) I did a search....and - what a song they have, too!

    Very nice photos!

  3. A beautiful bird I've never seen! Kinda has the body of a cross between a green heron and a partridge!

  4. Beginner or not, they are awesome photos Dawn!

  5. What a great shot. I scared one of these out of a swampy bush last spring and didn't have a clue what it was. It ran away like a chicken and flew before I could get my cameral out.

  6. Wow! I've just been looking round your site after you kindly left a comment on mine. You have so much going on here with some wonderful photos, and I'm very pleased your camera is recovering!
    I would love to travel round like you do, but have never been able to persuade husband! That is some motorhome you have there, it's enormous!

  7. Sora - such a beautiful name for a beautiful bird. I've never seen one before, but according to my bird book, their breeding range includes much of Canada. Great photos, love the detail.

  8. Great photos. You might be a beginner but I can not tell. You have a wonderful eye for composition. That is something you really can not learn.

  9. WOW these are really cool. Especially since I have never seen this species before and you have a good picture of one. Ill trade you one of my short ears for this! :)

  10. Beginner or not - those are better images of a Sora than I've ever taken. Nicely done indeed!

  11. Looks real good for a beginner.

  12. Hi Dawn!
    So nice to "meet you" here on your beautiful blog. Thanks so much for stopping by my Journey Through Grace and for your kind comments. I've added you to my daily reads. Happy trails!

  13. What an interesting bird that is! I've never seen one before.

  14. SWEET!
    Hard enough to see.
    Harder to photograph.
    Even harder still to digi-scope (imho)

    and you did a great job of it!

    Very cool!


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