Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Parent Swap

Howdy all,

Booo hooo....First I have to say I am disappointed that not more of you readers out there are putting your photos or video clip on my new guest hoo.... I am sure other bloggers understand my sadness......I was hoping to see a whole mess of you up there from all over the bloomin USA.....Booo hooo..where the tissue?

Well...that said...let me go on to other matters.
I am out of quarantine.....I am feeling much better. I stayed in homey till my cold got better...didn't want to get Margie and sandy sick before they went on vacation...
As some of you know Jeff and I are in Mass. at his sisters family's home...parked in their driveway. We are here for 12 days or so while Margie and Sandy go to Italy with friends. Jeff and I are here to take care of our nephews, two teenage boys , 13 and 16. We are calling this
The Parent Swap....

should be interesting.....Jeff and I do things much differently than the Smoots...I told the boys we are having healthy meals...tofu veggies....seaweed

Be very afraid....

Truth is...we will probably do allot of takeout....I would rather get meals the boys will eat...than to cook something i am not sure of....beside that I really am not into cooking....when I do make meals its a simple non fuss protein of some sort...with vegetables... easy....simple...and tasty.
So take out will be the what I am leaning toward.

Not sure if I will be staying in Homey or in the house. Jeff will stay in the house overnight. Though, Margie says the fur boys can stay in one of the bedrooms with us...So that's a possibility.

anyway that's the scoop for now...
Stay tuned for the premier of

The Parent Swap


  1. Have fun with the boys.. let me know when you get the voice activation call up thing figured out on the phone since you have more time then me to play.. Love the email blog.. How come i never got them before? I thought I used to be signed up..

  2. I don't know why it didn't recognize me before.. Now it does.. I'm the one with the blank blue blog page.. Oh if you view my profile it says im from Afghanistan and I am an accountant. Strange!

  3. Oh, what fun....hahaha...not. If I were the kids, I would be ecstatic to have take out every night.
    I don't mean to say that I wouldn't like what you fixed up for meals, cause I do love all the stuff you make. But being kids, I know they would love take out food as I did at that age.


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