Thursday, October 04, 2007

Green Mountain Haiku sweepstakes

ok all you writers out there ...lets see one of you win this contest................

Submit your haiku and it may appear on our hot cups!

Paint a word picture of your love of coffee in Haiku form, and we'll share it with... well, everybody! Fourteen lucky prize winners will have their haiku printed on our environment-friendly hot-cups. They'll also be awarded a Keurig® B60 Single Cup brewer, and two boxes of K-Cups!


  1. i can add and subject and multiply and do calculus and algebra like it's going out of style.... but write a story, a haiku, or any other sort of stuff to do with english, CANNOT DO IT.. sorry, otherwise i'd try... but it's too much work for my brain...

  2. this cup is holding
    the most perfect pick me up
    warms body and soul


ok what do you really think?????