Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Annoying morning sounds.....peaceful afternoon

Help....I am trying to learn how to make a header....I have borrowed a free header picture...but the size isnt right....anyone out there know how to make an easy header...for a dumb nut.?

Had a nice time walking and birding at Great Meadow wildlife refugee in Concord.
The second video is our walk at the refuge.

Check out this wonderful website called Tales of Birding
if you like to watch birds ....you will love this website

This first video is what I woke up to in the morning....remember, I am sleeping in the motorhome...Jeff stays at the Smoots and makes breakfast for the boys in the morning.
This is the rest of the story.....

Morning wake up call

Great Meadows Video

For those of you recieving these Blogger updates via email...you need to click on the link below...Dawns bloggy blog....in order to view the total post with video..


  1. Very interesting...was there an actual fire at the stove? It sounded like that was what Jeffy said.

  2. oh...ha...no fire, jeff put a hot pan that he cooked bacon in...into the sink and then put hot water in it...that created smoky steam

  3. Nob
    I couldn't stand that sound and I wasn't even there.. When that happens here I pull the battery out of the smoke alarm until the air clears. I'll take Dan's turkey bacon..:)

  4. Couldnt pull the battery out of these...the whole house is hard wired...all connected...so not only did the kitchen go off....but every bloomin one....what a noise

  5. hmmm... i wish i could help you with the header but i am not sure... where did you get the free one though? i'd like to change mine as well... what site did you go to?

  6. do i see tammy having a blog? is that something you're JUST STARTING? cause i don't see any posts of yours yet... WHOOOPY... another blog to stalk! FUN FUN

  7. ok... the next thing is.. i cannot even watch that video with the fire alarm sound... it is driving me TOO insane... ha ha .. hope you got it fixed!

    another thing, what program did you use to insert the narration words of that video and the next one... i am gonna check that one out now...

  8. Hey Missy!
    Tammy has a plain blue blog page because I'm clueless on what to do. I will have to call Nob the expert up to help me out..

  9. I guess I have to comment. OK I am commenting. Such a horrible noise. I had to shut the sound off in order to watch to video.

  10. I think Matt reminds me a bit of Jeff. I wonder if Jeff looked like him at that age. Nice videos, like the music.


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