Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bye Bye old Blue Nokia

Came across this artists work as i was checking out Blogger play.... If you haven't checked out blogger play on the blogger play link above. You can view pictures as people upload them to blogger...if you see a picture that interests you, click on it and it takes you to the blog where the picture resides....Some wonderful websites out there.

As far as Parent Swap goes.... both boys were out last night for dinner and most of the evening...Jeff and I had a nice night....watching the Red Sox..mostly Jeff watching. I was playing with our new phone....

finally had to get rid of our 7 year old nokia....
it was a great phone and we will miss it....but we had no choice....the TDMA towers are coming down and our reception was getting worse day by day.
I do love our new Motorola razor V3xx ..bluetooth the cool gold color....voice dial.....holds pictures and music , takes pictures and videos....
bye bye... old big blue nokia.....hello gold razor

for those of you getting emails...of this blog...if you want to see the entire blog and its contents click on the dawns blog link the email....
see ya


  1. ooh.. i have a razor but it's pink.. but i'm LOVING the gold one.. very BLING BLING..

  2. and i'd also have to say i LOVE LOVE REX RAY'S stuff... wow.. very talented.. i am gonna check out that blog.. but i am also enjoying blogger play... very fun and love to read others blogs.. even though when i post a comment sometimes i think people think i'm weird for reading their stuff... ha ha .. but i love seeing what other people are doing with their lives..


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