Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How long do you keep your pillows?

Howdy all,

been hanging out with the ma ther and the pa ther ...ordered down comforter and pillows today from Macys.....ours has lost many feathers and has a hole...and is many years old. Also order a few down pillows..cause I have been meaning to replace my old flat ones for a while......and saw on TV many months back that you should replace pillows every six months to two years....well i think six months silly........and two years seems silly to me too....but considering mine were over ten years maybe fifteen or twenty....ha...i decided it was time to replace them.....

So I have a question for you......How long do you keep your pillows?????
Do you wait till the drool has them all stained....or till the feathers all fall out?


  1. hmmm, I got new pillows for our bedroom when we were living in Tolland. They were around $40 each, so that was a lot of money. I don't remember how long ago that was. They are holding up great so I will not be buying new pillows any time soon.

  2. I haven't bought new pillows in a few years either... even though i would think it's more SANITARY to buy them once a year or so... i have heard every six months as well.. but i can't afford that... if i could, i would... just because i could! ha ha .. make sense? but i guess as long as you still find comfort in the old stank ones, use 'em... but not after 5 years... it is definately time by then!

  3. I replace my pillows whenever my wife decides it's time. That makes it pretty easy for me. I've yet to see the cats lounging on the new ones...that could be a good thing. Be careful with new pillows they may hurt more during pillow fighting...

  4. I hardly ever buy new pillows, I just use castoffs. chicky


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