Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the road again....Happy Holidays

Finally, ahh, finally we made it out of Junction City, Oregon.....where our Homey was born. What a long trying time it was waiting for parts...getting things done and updated on Homey. But alas and hooray...we are done for now.

I will have some pictures of our new addition in a future post.....
We are currently in Florence, Oregon....on the coast....picked up our dining chairs that were reupholstered and now as I type a carpet is being put in our bedroom. Jeff ran off to the I stayed behind to run the slide room in and out for Jose who is installing.
We will leave here late tonight or very very early tomorrow to make it to Sebastopol, Ca. to spend Christmas with friends. It will be a long 10 hour drive.

In the meantime I am very happy to be on the road again and enjoy our new addition. I watch it all the time. And listen to the nice sounds it makes. Every now and then I Change it.
Anyway stay tuned for pictures of the new addition
can you guess what the new addition is?
the correct answer gets a prize..
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah


  1. It's great to hear you are finally moving on. I am sure the new addition shows you wonderful things and sights for sore eyes to see. We will surely miss you and Jeffy this holiday season!
    Stay away from the bad weather!

  2. I think the new addition must be something of great joy and beauty. You are lucky to have a "new addition" even if it seemed like it took nine months to get it. Merry Christmas. We will miss you for sure. In a year we all will be together...if the fates allow, until then we'll have to muddle through somehoooooow. So, have yourself a merry little Christmas noooowwwww.

  3. Well the new addition definitely has to be the new bigger flat television. Now, whats the prize? It will be good for you to be on the road again. Sounds like a song. Your pictures in the blog are really cool for this holiday season.


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