Monday, February 09, 2015

Magic at Black Point

While in Titusville/Mims area of Florida we spend a lot of time

driving and walking Black Point Wildlife Drive.

Some days we see one or two, or small groups of birds roadside.

P1060881 - CopyOnce in a while we see something like this.

~Bird Magic~

1 - Copy

Everyone pulls to the side of the road.

To watch in wonder and photograph this amazing event.



I have no idea why this is happening,

I suppose some sort of hatch is going on or abundant fish.

You really need to watch this video to see what I mean by magic!


We experienced something similar a week ago while driving

Gator road….but the birds were in the distance.


Here we were only five or six feet from some of these birds…

P1060922A nice mix of birds..

Wood stork and White Ibis

P1060906Wood Stork


Mostly white birds

Great Egrets, Snowy Egret, White Ibis and Wood Stork with about six lovely Roseate Spoonbill


It was an amazing experience..


Who knows if I will ever see something like this again..


I am thrilled to have seen this…

Bird Magic…

A whole bunch of Wood Stork..



White Ibis, Snowy Egret, Great Egret

good size perspective..


We enjoyed the scene for close to an hour..


It was hard to walk away but….

This was just the start of the drive and I had much more walking to do..

Jeff drove the car…


I walked and took photos….

P1060968A group of snowies..


A mixture of Great Egrets and Snowies..


I continued to walk…


Taking more photos as I left the area.

P1060971Past where the Avocet have been hanging out…


I saw an Alligator take a Coot.

I thought I was filming the whole thing…..but, you know how that can go.

I wasn’t….oh well.

The alligator held the Coot underwater until it drowned.

Then swallowed its dinner.


I tried taking photo of these Coot and this Pintailed Duck couple…

Always someone who doesn’t want their photo taken!


Actually it was dinner time for the Pintail…this is how they all looked..

I was lucky to get a photo of them without their butts in the air!

P1060990I think I walked about four miles this day…

Distant Wood Stork..

P1070011I used my little point and shoot to zoom in..

P1070012P1070013I took this from inside the car…

It was getting chilly. so I had more car time…

Heated seat turned on…

P1070015It was an exceptional afternoon here..

Ring-necked duck


I took a few parting shots…

before we said goodbye..

We plan on being back in Titusville the end of March…

I hope the birds plan on being there too!



  1. Wonderful place to bird. I love all your photos.

  2. Appalachian Lady- it is a wonderful place! Thanks :))


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