Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our first walk in the Glades…

We arrived late morning to Lone Pine Key campground in Everglades National Park.

It took us a while to find a spot we felt would be big enough for our 40 foot Homey.

We did find a spot and wasn’t too pleased with it so we found another spot to move

to the following morning.

It was a very hot day in the 80s..sweat poured from my face and

all the normal places where sweat pours from..and everywhere else.

Its hard to imagine that we are here sweating while my family and many of you are up north in a deep freeze with so much snow and ice.

Luckily it cooled off with some rain showers and in the later afternoon.

We took our raincoats and headed to

Anhinga Trail..

Oh dear…



Some people tarped their cars..

Our car is old and tired and we weren't concerned about it so we left it as it was.



The rain had stopped an the cloud cover made the walk cooler..

We still had shorts and tee shirts on.

No mosquitos..



This is why they call this Anhinga trail

If I had a longer lens I would be able to get some great shots of the babies.

Lots of photographers were out tonight taking getting close ups.





Cormorant on the railing…

we were able to get quite close.



P1080409Corm yoga..




One of the many Great Blue Heron on the trail..



The first alligator sighting..

There would be more!


Palm Warbler..


Anhinga drying its wings..



We saw many Green Heron on the trail…



The trail follows a boardwalk thru the swamp..



At the end of one of the boardwalks was this scene….


Alligator lounge…

Jeff counted 30

P1080469Safe viewing distance and on the boardwalk..

Though…there really is nothing to be afraid of…

Don’t bother them and they wont bother you.


We followed the boardwalk loop


Another Green Heron


Flowering air plant..


Do you see what I see?




Corms and Anhinga's..


An island tree colony of Corms


Another Green Heron..

We saw over six on this trail

P1080497 Most of them were out in the open fishing..



There is a large wet field we looked into for birds..

Great Egrets and some Great Blue Heron


Great Blue Preening


There were about five Purple Gallinule..

Such a beautiful bird…


Alligator everywhere…


Anyone know what these are?


There were hundreds of them on the railing heading out of the boardwalk area..



It was getting dark and Jeff had a long day of driving so we headed back to the Campground.



P1080575Alligator Eyes….P1080577

We plan on being in the Everglades for at least two weeks.

Surprisingly we have internet…it is very spotty.

Our phone reception is not as good as the internet.

I hope to show you more critters we come across in the Glades.

See you soon!


eileeninmd said...

It is a cool park, I loved it there. Awesome birds and gators..

Fred said...

Your grasshopper looks like an immature Lubber Grasshopper.

Kerri Farley said...

Looks like a GREAT place for a visit!! You got some super shots!

Sara Rall said...

Hi, I believe your insects are Lubber grasshoppers. I love reading your blog about all the fascinating places I could be instead of frozen NJ; makes me want to follow in your footsteps when my kids are grown and we're retired.

Dawn Fine said...

Fred and Sara- thanks for your IDs on the grasshopper!

Sara- I hope you can follow our footsteps and go on the road..its a great adventure.

Kerri- thanks! One of my favorite places.

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