Sunday, February 08, 2015

Feather in the sky

 One of our last evenings at Seasons in the Sun RV Park......we took at sunset walk….around the park.

P1060845And found a feather….

P1060852In the sky….

P1060859I love looking at clouds,
as I am sure most of you do also.
I have found hearts, cats, dogs and other things in the clouds.

This is my first feather..

I thought it was very appropriate as we have been birding almost every day while in Titusville.

Jeff and I have now moved inland and heading to the west coast soon.
We are at an RV park in Lakeland, Florida for a few more days.
We then head to Sarasota for a Motorhome rally.

Yesterday we took a tour around Lakeland. I liked the town a lot!
Here's a little slide show of the downtown area.
Can you believe the roses are in bloom?


ok what do you really think?????