Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our home~ Long Pine Key Campground

Our yard for a few weeks..

Long Pine Key Campground’'

Everglades NP



Most of the campsites here are too small for our 40 foot Homey..

The first day we found a campsite and we didn’t quite fit.

This is our new campsite…a better fit and we face a wooded area..

Great for armchair bird watching.



In the morning we like to go for an early bird walk in the campground.

Both mornings we have been here we wake up to fog…

Which makes the spider webs look jeweled..







This morning we walked to the campground pond..



A lovely soft fog…

Do you see what I see lower left?



They are everywhere..


Late morning we decided to take a 14 mile bike ride from the park to a small pond and back.


It was freaking HOT!

Low 80s and sunny…


Needless to say I didn’t take the time to take many photos..





What a relief to get to the pond..

Jeff and I talked about whether we would rather be in the heat or the cold..

We both decided we would rather be hot....

So we endured..



The pond looked so refreshing so I decided to put my feet in to cool myself off.

I didn’t see any alligator….don’t worry Mom!



So…in went my feet..where I soon found myself receiving a fish pedicure..

It tickled..


We knew we had a seven mile back to the campground…it was getting warmer.

I took no more photos..

Thank goodness it has been cooling off at night.

I plan on sending some of this heat up north soon if you all send a bit of cool down here.


eileeninmd said...

Great series. I think I would rather be hot too. Could you send some heat to Maryland.. Thanks!

Susan Jones said...

Scary thinking the gators are all around.. Beautiful photos.. I have 8 inches of snow.. And I prefer hot!!

Dawn Fine said...

Eileen-hope your getting some heat ..we brought it to NC.

Susan -you get used to the gators after a while...hope your spring is warm!

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