Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Are you ready?

I am!


Do you want to see some boardwalk warblers?

prothonatary warblerI do!



so close my point and shoot camera can capture them.

black  and white warb

Three years ago we were there and it was amazing!

The last two years we didn’t go because of two very important events.

Our daughter was married and the following year she had her baby.


This year, no weddings, no babies…..

we are going to…


The Biggest Week in American Birding

May 8 - 17, 2015 

Don’t know anything about this event?

Click here to learn more.



We booked a campsite and cant wait to be there for the birds and the people.

I suggest you book your room or campsite as soon as possible.


Also sign up here for The  Biggest Week eNews so that you

are alerted when the registration opens sometime mid month.

You will want to register ASAP so that you get into all the

walks and talks you are interested in.

Be Prepared!

Check out the Festival Schedule of all the walks, talks and

events now so that you are

prepared when registration time comes around.


I am happy to be one of the bloggers for this years festival.

2015 Biggest Week

Here is a list of my impressive blogmates~ 

Biggest Week Bloggers

Click on the links below for a little more information on the


Awesome ~Leaders and speakers

Wonderful~ Evening Socials

Cant wait for this concert!~ R. Bruce Concert

 Bird Tattoo Contest~

Songbird Banding Program

Tom Bartlett's Big Sit


and the main event!

Birds Birds Birds…click to see what birds to expect.


The new 2015 Biggest Week Visitors' Guide will be out in April…

check out the 2014 Guide



Don’t Forget

Sign up for Biggest Week eNews

Like ~ The Biggest Week in American Birding Facebook page

Follow~The Biggest Week on Twitter @BiggestWeek

Follow~Kenn Kaufman's birding predictions for the area here.


Are you ready?

Don’t forget to bring your binoculars…..

If you do forget or want an upgrade ~don’t worry, there will be

plenty of vendors at Optics Alley willing to sell some.




I hope to see you all there!

Give me a Holler if you are going, I would love to say

hello and watch some birds with you.

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