Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chasing a rare bird~Red-necked Stint

While perusing Facebook on Thursday I came across this on the

ABA Rare Bird Alert page. 


This bird was so close to where we are parked. Just a short drive from Lexington.

Would it still be around on Friday?


link to the post below here

ABA Rare Bird Alert

I wanted to get out after having been indoors on Doxy for a month. What a perfect outing.

Birds and Birders…cant get much better than that.

We knew there would be plenty of birders wanting to see this rare bird.

Friday morning I watched the ABA Alert page until I saw that the bird was being seen a short walk from parking area 7'.

The morning birders got soaked in the rain while watching the stint..luckily the rain had stopped and it was just overcast.

We hopped in the car and booked it to Plum Island.

The Parking lot was full.

A birder on his way back to his car said the bird was being seen.

Stint_009We rushed to the area…A birder with a scope let me look at the bird.

Wow..that was easy.

Life Bird Dance!


We then set up our scope and watched the bird for a little over an hour.

Stint_018At first it was too far for my tiny point and shoot camera..


Then it came a bit closer…


It was chased by a Killdeer and eventually finally flew off.

Stint_030We thought we re-located the bird..but it was so very far away we couldn’t tell if we were looking at a Sanderling or the Stint.

Stint_040A few birders took off to look in other areas..

Stint_042What do I do?

Stint_044I wander around taking a few photos..

Stint_055Taking in the scene..

Stint_057I was so very happy to be outdoors..

Stint_066The sun didn’t seem to bother my skin..

Stint_083A seaweed ball..

I have found these on Sandy Point before..

Stint_070This one is green..

the ones I found last year were brown..


Stint_089The sun starts to come out..

Stint_093A Birder has news that the Stint has been re-located at Sandy Point beach..

just a short walk from where we are..

We rush to see the bird again..


To be continued…

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