Monday, July 01, 2013

Red-necked Stint~afternoon location

More Red-necked Stint fun..

The Red-necked Stint from my previous post (Chasing a rare bird~Red-necked Stint)was re-located.

We were all at the blue location~ where the bird was seen from early morning until around 12pm when we lost the bird.

The bird was located at the red location sometime after 1pm.

Thanks John Puschock for the map below.


So here we all are ~happy again and making the short trek to the bird.



The Paparazzi

Stint_101Here is the Red-necked was hanging around here with two Semi-palmated Sandpipers.

Stint_112We all had super looks and most settled in..took gazillions of photos and chatted.


Piping PloverStint_134Stint_135Butt shot..


We  watched as the bird came closer..

Stint_188A photographers dream..

I am sure with the lenses that were present..there will be some awesome photos circulating..

Stint_199Until then..

Here are a few from my humble point and shoot.



It was a terrific day for me!


A life bird, a gorgeous day and no Doxy sunburn!


Upon returning home..I was asked by John Puschock if he could use my Birders looking at Stint photo for the ABA blog.

Of course I said on the photo to read the Stint Story and see my photo.

ABA BlogABA Blog

The Stint was not seen in MA on Saturday.

On Sunday a Red-necked Stint was found on Long Island…upon comparison of photos..It is believed to be the same Stint.

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