Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Alien invader or bird dropping?

I have a small decorative garden at Mom and Dads..a few flowers and one tomato plant given to me by my Sicksta Adele..

CT_018One day a week or so ago I looked at my tomato plant ..

There were a few dark blobs on the plant.

From a distance it  looked like berry bird poop. 

I might have ignored it but for some reason something made me look closer..

CT_021Humm..this doesn’t look quite like a bird poop.

I touched it..


not bird poo


clavate tortoise beetle

What an odd looking creature.

It was snacking on my tomato plant.

I removed the little alien creatures from my plant whenever I saw them.

I hope they find something other than my tomato to chew on.


Jeff and I are now in Massachusetts, visiting with family and friends and awaiting our first Grandchild.

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