Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick…a Catalpa tree

I haven't been out much with my camera… While out walking this morning I nabbed this photo of a Catalpa tree.

It was in the shade…dappled sunlight.


I am shy in the sun these days… The Doxy has played a number on my skin and has made this girl that never burns…


my nose is raw.. my toes blistered and burned.


So we go early in the morning for walks..

trying to find the shady streets and woodlands 

We don’t stop much..

I need to get inside before the sun gets strong.


I finished the last of the Doxy last night…


I don’t know how long before its out of my system and I will be less sensitive.

I will give it a test run in a few days.


We are still waiting for our Granddaughters arrival.

She is one day past her due date.

  I have revised my way too early date of the 11 to the 27th.

Any guesses on her birthdate?


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