Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bit of there and here..


a week or so ago..walking around the block with Dad I spy these beautiful Clematis growing up a mailbox post.

CT_001 (1)There…

As Dad and I walk the block we pass by a home with wildflowers growing in a heart shape.

This heart is in the lawn of a recently deceased neighbor..

Dad used to take this mans morning paper from the mailbox and put it in the front door every day.

I think it’s a thank you heart…

CT_003 (1)CT_019 (1)There..

Mom and Dads yard..a few posts back I took photos of the Peonies

My mom told me I needed to take a photo of the Mock Orange..

CT_022 (1)Here it is..

CT_023Have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing the scent of a Mock Orange?

 CT_024Heavenly! ..


A few more of Mom and Dads Peonies..

Mom wanted me to take photos of the dark pink ones..

CT_013 (1)

CT_031 (1)These light single flowers are my favorites..

floppy delicate petals..

CT_036 (1)Here…

As some of you know we are now in Lexington, Ma. awaiting our first grandchild.

I also am taking Doxycycline for a deer tick bite…

Doxy can make you very sun-sensitive. You can get a burn in minutes even when wearing sunblock. Some people taking Doxy have even had their knuckles burned from the sun coming into the car. Also when you take Doxy and go into the heat, it can make your skin very uncomfortable. Please avoid the sun completely when on this med. The burns can be serious and painful.

I can not go out in the sun. I burn very very easily..

So….we walk early in the morning.

I took this photo on one of our morning walks here..

Is it a butterfly?

CT_048 (1)Humm…

CT_050 (1)Nope..not a butterfly..

CT_054 (1)

I am pretty bummed I can not go out in the sun.

I burned my toes and nose the few times I was out. I now try to stay indoors. Just a few more days of the Doxy. I am not sure how long after the Doxy I will be sun sensitive.

I am yearning for a nice walk in the sunshine.

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