Thursday, June 27, 2013

Turkeys and time…

Watch and wait…

We watch the home being built across the street.

I wait until its safe for me to go out in the sun.

We all wait for a baby to be born..

LEX_001There is a family of turkeys in the hood…

LEX_004This one is getting a birds eye view of the new home..


I am off the Doxy and starting to go out a little longer each day..

testing how my skin reacts to the sun.

LEX_008So far…just little snippets of time outdoors.


I miss being out in nature…

I watch from my window..


and I get my fix with morning walks..

LEX_028I done with the waiting..

I will go outdoors now..

I can not do much about speeding up the arrival of the baby..

That we will continue to wait for.



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