Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunset~Bluff Point State Park

Its been very hot the past few days here in Connecticut.

Jeff and I wait until early evening to walk.

Its always a bit cooler at Bluff Point than inland..

Sunset Bluff P_001We finished our walk with a nice sunset..

Sunset Bluff P_006

Sunset Bluff P_015Just a few low clouds..

Sunset Bluff P_020

The sun sets..

lighting up the low clouds..

Sunset Bluff P_035

Sunset Bluff P_043The mountain cloud..

Sunset Bluff P_048

Jeff and I are in CT just a few more days…

Sunset Bluff P_054

We head to Massachusetts where we will await the birth of our

first Grandchild :)

Sunset Bluff P_061

We are very excited…

Sunset Bluff P_062

We plan to be nearby our daughter and her hubby, so that we can be of help when the baby comes.

Sunset Bluff P_066

This is new for all of us..

We cant wait to meet her!

Sunset Bluff P_074

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