Friday, May 10, 2013

On the Road…just as things get exciting

We have left our cozy little space in Sicksta and Ghetto boys side yard..

We head north


Just as things were getting exciting here..

flowersbirds_221We had a lovely visit…

As we always do here…


I watched and waited patiently for birds that should have migrated into the area sooner..

They arrived in drips and drabs..

Finally the last few days the Indigo buntings joined the Blue Grosbeak.

I saw various warblers including a first time Magnolia warbler in the yard.

This morning as we were packing up to leave, I heard the melodic call of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak….this bird is over a week late..compared to previous years.

Its getting exciting around here..

Female Indigo bunting


Indigo Bunting males..


Its starting to warm up so the pool cover was removed yesterday..

revealing Gray Tree frogs..


Sicksta saved this one from getting squished in the pool cover..

I hear these critters all day..

Its getting exciting around here..


I hear the little chickadees calling for food in the nest box..

should be fledging soon

Its getting exciting around here..


The Black Vultures eggs have hatched..


Its getting exciting around here..


The Great-crested flycatcher…

a constant in the yard this time of year....


The Bluebirds are in and out of the nest box..


The Chipping sparrow and Tufted titmouse are still sitting on their eggs …

Its getting exciting around here..

I will miss all the grand exits and first flights.


Brown-headed nuthatch delight as they squeak in nearby trees..

flowersbirds_062The Mountain laurel is just starting to open..


Its getting exciting around here..


The pansies are still lush..

Sicksta says they will start to fade as it gets warmer..


Rain has been kind to Sickstas garden this spring..

This Iris looks to be lapping up a raindrop.


Its hard to leave when things are just starting to get so exciting!

See you Jack


See you Kali..


Goodbye Sicksta, Ghetto boy and Closet boy


Enjoy these exciting times in your garden for me!

You know how I hate to miss out on anything!

Take a photo of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak!

If you see the birds fledging take photos for me..

Garden photos..I want those also.

Oh better yet..

How about Skype..yeah..that’s it..Leave your house and yard and pups and you on a full time Skype with me!



goodbye for now..

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