Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not without a hitch…

We left Cape May this morning..with a slight glitch.

Our tow hitch was damaged when Jeff tried to repair it.

We couldn’t hook the car to the Homey. We drove 130 separately to Camping World in hopes they would have the part we needed. They didn’t and were totally booked.

Jeff called Blue Ox, the dealer that made the tow hitch…luckily they found a tow hitch for us about ten miles away. We got lost and it was about 17 miles for us to find the service center.
We purchased the part..Jeff installed it and we are on our way again…

  Ha..things didn’t go without a hitch~but now that we have a hitch we are going! Delayed about five hours., as I sit in the passenger seat as we drive to CT ~

I have few  water droplet photos to share.

All taken in Sicksta Adele's Garden.

Flower hanging by a spider thread..


This will relax me after a bit of a stressful morning.

flowersbirds_159Liquid diamonds..


flowersbirds_161Trees reflected in these droplets..

flowersbirds_138Spring brought buckets of rain to Sickstas garden..

flowersbirds_140She said this will be a banner year for her flowers..

flowersbirds_088She has never seen her garden as lush.


Iris tongue lapping water droplet.

flowersbirds_095It will be a spring she will always remember.

flowersbirds_103It was also a much colder spring..

I will remember the spring because the bird migrants were over a week late..


These macros are taken with my point and shoot camera.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20



Not bad for a little camera..


I am sure I could get better detail with a DSLR


I am just too lazy of a photographer to carry around a big camera..


This works for me for now..


Though I am very tempted to buy the point and shoot Canon with the 50x zoom..I would use it primarily for bird photography…Lillian Stokes and Stephen Ingraham have been taking some awesome photos with it!

The price is under 400..not bad, I just find it hard to justify when I have another Canon with a 20x zoom that I hardly use now that my small camera has the same 20x.

Anyway..still very tempting.


I have a post or two from our birding trip to coastal Delaware and Cape May…Stay tuned!

Happy Gardening and Happy Birding to you all!

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