Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weeds no more..

While parked at Mom and Dads we get into a few gardening projects.

I have been trimming shrubs. I planted the front bed with annuals and mulched it.

Our next project was to tackle the garden behind the house..

it was full of grass…

… impossible to weed..

The grass was growing in between the Primrose and Iris..

garden rehab_003

garden rehab_002So…

Jeff dug out all the Iris and Primrose.

 garden rehab_001

garden rehab_004I then took the grass out from around the plants..

and put them into piles..

garden rehab_005After separating the grass from all of the plants..I spread pine bark mulch over the entire area and then replanted everything except one small section that needed no weeding.

I hope the plants recover from the transplanting.

garden rehab_006All done!

The garden looks better without the black fencing, but my parents Doberman would be walking through the garden without it.

Things should fill in and hopefully the mulch will prevent the grass from taking over.

garden rehab_008

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