Friday, May 24, 2013

Gray Catbird at the Dining window..

Gray Catbird at the Dining window..

Not this window…

This is our bedroom window..

We are parked close to a large Rhododendron bush.

Because of our proximity and our reflective windows we tend to get birds tapping at our window and acting territorial.


This particular catbird has been hanging out ever since we arrived in my parents driveway.

It was probably here first.


It sits on the shrub right outside of my dining window and stares at its reflection..

CT_106It sometimes taps at its reflection.

I am not sure if its being territorial or if its trying to attract a mate.

CT_108It has been pecking at the Rhodo buds..

Notice more flowers!

CT_050I like to think it was pecking one off to bring to its reflection..

Probably not.

Do any of you have ideas as to why it is pecking at the flowers?

catbird_003I don’t even know if this is a male.

catbird_004I do hope it doesn’t peck all of the flowers off the Rhodo bush..


My mother wouldn’t appreciate that..

As it is Homey covers the whole

Rhododendron bush and she cant see it unless she comes to visit.

Guess she needs to come over for tea soon to visit her flowers.



Watch the video below to see the Catbird pecking at the flowers…

What do you think its doing?



Look who I found!

Poor Waldo was lost…I found him in the crack of the seat of our car.

He is happy to be back in Homey!


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