Thursday, September 08, 2011

BwBTC outing Plum Island~Join Us

Howdee all,


Birders who Blog,Tweet and Chirp Outing


Saturday, Sept. 24th at 7am-as long as you like..

 Is this a good start time for you all..speak up or the early bird wins.

Plum Island and Surrounding area

Meet at Mass Audubon Joppa Flats~

Click here for Directions.


Jeff and I were given a gift certificate for a two hour Bird guide service with Jock Purcell.  We thought it would be fun to use it as part of our outing.

Jock has been kind enough to offer us more time. Jock Purcell was one of the Bird Banders of Joppa Flats who recently banded the Yellow-green Vireo. Read the post here.

How cool is that?

Below is a copy of Jocks email to me with suggestions for the day.


My suggestion is to start on Plum Isl. It fits well with your breakfast plans; moreover, because this is fall migration season, Plum Isl. is where the major action is.

I won't be constrained to a strict 2 hrs on the 24th. If it's 3 or so, no problem.

If for whatever reason Plum gets worn out, I'd suggest going over to Salisbury Beach State Reservation (north side of river mouth). There are often good migrants there (a mature Avocet has been there for the past 3-4 days.

Depending on how long you wish to bird on the 24th, Cherry Hill Res. (West Newbury) might be a good spot for very early wintering diving ducks. There are some other options as well.

The "limit" of 6 is an arbitrary one (d/t space limit for a single van). If there are extra, and someone is willing to drive own car, we could easily do ten. I would suggest a max of 3 vehicles (ergo, 14 in all) for maneuverability purposes.

For passerines, early AM is best - not such a restriction for shorebirds who eat all day long. If we are birding at  3hrs after high tide (or  3hrs prior) it is worth a stop at River seawall and/or Joppa for birds on the mud flats.

Seems to me 1st decision is when you wish to start (ie , factoring in you MM's b'fast.)

Let me k now your preferred start time (meanwhile I check tide charts). We can go from there.

I am hoping Christopher Ciccone will be joining us. He was a great leader for the last BwBTC at Plum Island. Christopher?

I am soooo excited to be seeing old friends and meeting some of you for the first time!

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO ATTEND and if you are bringing anyone.

I need a final head count and we need to exchange phone numbers.

So far the cast of Characters


Dawn and Jeff Fine
John and Sharon Briggs of Birding in Maine
Cynthia Cage of Living in Brooklyn-Longing for Maine
Daniel Huber of  Nature Observances

Susan and Tom Wrublewski of The Nature of Framingham

Maybe attending~
Diana Fruguglietti of Travelling birders
Hilke Breder of One Jackdaw Birding
Kathie Brown of Kathie's Birds
Christopher Ciccone of Picus Blog
Laura de la Flor of The Interstitial Spaces



Please email me your phone number and I will email mine in return.



  1. Tom and I would love to come. Pete lives in Oregon now. Thank you!

  2. Know of any good (meaning clean!) hotels or motels in the area?

  3. got it on my calendar and my clocks are set to the right time this time!


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