Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lesser and Great Black-backed Gulls

Howdee all,

Tuesday, Jeff and I went birding  to South Beach with Kathie of Kathie's Birds.

More on our awesome birding day in another post to come…

While checking out the Great Black-backed Gulls Kathie spotted a Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Birding south beach_060

Adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, which occurs in very small numbers throughout North America, but most frequently along East Coast and Great Lakes, is also similar to Great Black-backed Gull. Lesser Black-backed Gull is significantly smaller and less robust in proportions, and its legs and feet are (usually) yellow, and (in Basic plumage) it has distinctive black streaking on face. Race of Lesser Black-backed Gull typically observed in North America (L. fuscus graellsii) has slate gray, rather than black, back and wings. via The Birds of North America

Kathie noticed the yellowish feet.

south beach jeffs_003Jeff digiscoped a few photos.

south beach jeffs_008Notice the size difference.

south beach jeffs_011The Lesser is more slate gray than black.

Birding south beach_062I am still a beginning birder..always something new to learn when out birding.

Birding south beach_069


  1. Leave it to Kathie to spot a different bird. I'm sure you all had a great time.

  2. we were at south beach yesterday but alas I never saw the yellow legs either... had a great day anyhow and did see both the grey and harbor seals in the surf

  3. Its quite common to see the Lesser out in the fields just about anywhere in England as well as near the sea and they look quite big against most other birds, but yes Dawn, the Great BB is a monster of a bird and quite unmistakable when you see it against the Lesser.

  4. Dawn, great post and good for you! What fun we had. I have started my posts and will break them up into several since I have so many photos! Thanks for taking me to this amazing place!

  5. Howdee Friends~
    Thanks for commenting on my Gull post.
    Its always fun to learn more about birds.
    I pick up something new each time I am out..and lord knows I need me some more learnin. when it comes to birds!


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