Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birding and Clamming~Chatham, Ma

Howdee all,

While staying in Cape  Cod..

We had a few combo~Kayak~Clamming~Birding trips

Clamming Birding Dinner_001This particular day was foggy..

Clamming Birding Dinner_003We were a bit late for low tide and the tide was coming in quickly…

Jeff had to keep moving the Kayak

Clamming Birding Dinner_008

We also had to keep moving to dig for clams…as the water was creeping up on us.

Clamming Birding Dinner_009There were plenty of birds around

Jeff birded while nephew David and I did the digging.

Birding Clamming_005Some of the Black-bellied Plover were showing nice color

(please let me know if my bird IDs are wrong)

Birding Clamming_007

Short-billed Dowitcher

Birding Clamming_012I watched it for a while....

Birding Clamming_023

As it poked around the rocks....

Birding Clamming_016Finding its lunch....

Birding Clamming_017

  Marbled Godwit~

Birding Clamming_036With a basket full of was time to head

Back to shore..

Clamming Birding Dinner_016Past scenes such as this…

Clamming Birding Dinner_011later that evening

Jeff and David

Shucking Clams and Oysters..

Clamming Birding Dinner_021We had a wonderful Dinner…

Fried Clams and Oysters over pasta

and Steamers!

Clamming Birding Dinner_023

Jeff and I are in Lexington, Ma. now. We are still not in Homey~we hope to pick it up tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a fun time, kayaking and clam digging. Looks like a delicious dinner too. Great photos and of course I love the birds. The godwit is a cool looking bird with its bi-colored beak. Wonderful photos, happy birding.

  2. Sounds like you spent a beautiful day birding and clamming at Chatham. Pretty beach scenes! Love all the little shorebirds. That's quite a beak on the Marbled Godwit. Ohh, that dinner looked fine! Delightful post, Dawn!

  3. You're going to need to have a housewarming party!

  4. Wow-a popping collection of shorebirds photos and that godwit photo is terrific!Aww shucks-clams are good too though!

  5. Aaaww. You had a good day and a yummy dinner. Much more fun than hiking the West Fork Trail, although that was fun and challenging and did have some body of water, minus the clams and the birds though. LOL

    Thanks for sharing. I had fun reading and imagining. :)

  6. Wow! What a life! There were so many cute peeps around you as you clammed!

  7. eileeninmd ...
    Thanks Eileen~I love this trip we do to Tern Island..birding and clamming!

    Julie G. ...
    Thanks Julie~it was a great going to Tern Island..never know what might show up.

    merrilymarylee ...
    Ha..housewarming..Homey doesnt fit that many.:)

    Larry ...
    Thanks..always a blast going to this Island..birding and clamming..cant beat it.

    Sedona_Hiker ..
    I would love to do that hike too! bet its just as good as birding and clamming!

    cindyzlogic ..
    Cindy~You would have loved hanging out with all the birds!


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