Friday, September 16, 2011

Virtually there~Midwest Birding Symposium

Howdee all,

Several months ago I was invited by Bill Thompson to be one of the the Official Bloggers of the Midwest Birding Symposium.

official blogger

I declined the offer.  As full time travelers we are away from our families all winter and spring~Summer and Fall is when Jeff and I  like to spend time with our them.

Time went by and more and more bloggers were talking about going to the MBS ..I started to have second thoughts and asked fellow blogger Kathie if she wanted to drive to the symposium with me. Kathie declined as her son and family would be visiting at the time.

I am not one to fly unless really necessary~and didn’t want to make the long journey on my own.

I was bummed that I wasn’t going, especially when Ann Oliver was posting all the tempting tidbits about what would be happening at the Symposium.

Facebook, Twitter and Blogger friends that were going started to buzz about the event. I was extremely excited for them all..and a bit sad that I would be missing all the fun. I knew that I could follow what they were up to via facebook and twitter. I would know what birds were being seen and what fun everyone was having.

This morning via Twitter Robert Mortensen~of Birding is Fun blog posted a link


The Midwest Birding Symposium has gone


Kudos to whoever thought of this terrific idea. 

This is a first for me~I haven't seen this done at other birding events…have you?

MBS Network

If you want to see what is going on at the symposium click on the link above.

They have streams from Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and

The bloggers!


I stole this photo from Susan Kailholz-Williams facebook page. Thanks Susan :)

Bloggers at work at the Den of Blogniquity


Here is a list of some of the bloggers at the Symposium

Clink on their links to see what they are blogging about..

The Well-Read Naturalist

10,000 Birds

Nature Remains

The ABA Blog

Bill of the Birds

Birding is Fun

Donald the Birder

Heather of the Hills

The Eagle Optics Blog

GMB – Greg Miller Birding

Hasty Brook

Julie Zickefoose

Nature Knitter

North American Birding

The Zen Birdfeeder

Or just go to the MBS Network website…where you will be..

Virtually there

I know I will be checking up on them all!


  1. Amazing! Wish we could have done the road trip together. Maybe next time!

  2. We thought of both you and Kathie throughout the weekend! I sure hope w can all be together again some day-

  3. Howdee friends~
    The technology for this event was very cool!
    Wish I could have been there but it was fun watching this page to see what was going on.
    Lynne, Kathie~planning on 2013!


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