Sunday, September 18, 2011

~Annual Smoot and Fine Face Plate Contest~

Howdee all,

I am a bit late in posting this..and at the request of nephew Matty..

Here we go..

~Annual Face Plate Contest~held at Pisces Restaurant~

The Menu


A few Before photos~

Local Codfish

chatham_026Chicken Breast

chatham_027Fishermans Stew

chatham_029Yellowfin Tuna

chatham_030Below are the face plates

We love to play with our food! Smile

Please vote on the number plate you like the best.

Numbers are above the plate.

Number 1

chatham_037Number 2

chatham_040Number 3

chatham_042Number 4

chatham_045Number 5

chatham_050Number 6

chatham_052Number 7

chatham_054Number 8

chatham_055Number 9

chatham_056Number 10 chatham_059The Artists



eileeninmd said...

Hi, Dawn, This is fun, I remember your face plates last year. These are funny and I choose number 1 as my favorite.

dAwN said...

Facebook voters~

Donna Simonetti Hope I can vote here. NUMERO OCHO. Love that nose.

Lori DiLoreto ‎#10

Adele Dixon i like number one it reminds me of mr. bill

Tammy Simmons Berg ‎#1
2 hours ago · Like

Kelly said...

...haha! I remember your faces from last year. It's between 3 & 7. I think I'll go with 7...

Gaelyn said...

Hard to decide between 3 & 10.

Kerri said...

I LOVE them all! I think #1 and #10 are my faves!!

squawmama said...

I remember last years face plates... #1 & #10 get my votes!
Have fun

Robin Clifton said...

Number One!

Jim and Gayle said...

How cute! I have to go with number one, also.

merrilymarylee said...

I'm going with No. 8.

No. 10 is clever, but had to take off points for not eating her rice.

I'm glad to see that no children were present. They'd be warped for life. :)

diane-j-m said...

I liked # 1 & 8 the best, but I will have to say # 1 is my winner!

Karen said...

That is just too freakin hilarious, and there is no way to pick just one to be the best! They all win in my book!

Bob Bushell said...

That's funny.

dAwN said...

From Twitter~

RT @robinclifton: RT @DawnFine Dawns bloggy blog: ~Annual Smoot and Fine Face Plate Contest~ / I like the first one!

dAwN said...

RT @preskittgurl: RT @DawnFine: Did you cast your vote? Via Dawns Bloggy blog~Annual Smoot and Fine Face Plate Contest~ /not tomiss-#2

dAwN said...

Tara via email~

My vote is #1 then #2 then #8

dAwN said...

Lee Smith
Via Email
"Easy. Number 1."

dAwN said...

Howdee all

`Thanks everyone for voting on the face plates!

I have tallied the votes and there is a winner.
1-10 votes
2~1 vote
3~1 vote
4~0 vote
5~0 vote
6~0 vote
7~1 vote
8~3 votes
9~0 vote
10~4 votes

Lucky ME!!!
Thanks all~

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