Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Wellfleet Audubon~Birding

Howdee all,

Jeff and spent a few mornings at the Wellfleet Audubon on Cape Cod.

See the Bank of Solar panels behind the signs?

Wellfleet Audubon_006The also use their graywater to water their gardens.

Wellfleet Audubon_007We took a walk around on our own and also joined a birding walk.

imageThe morning of the birding walk we saw this family of Bobwhite on the fence, before we started our walk.

Numbers of Bobwhite are declining with habitat loss on the Cape.

Wellfleet Audubon_001The center has jelly feeders..

Wellfleet Audubon_004Baltimore Orioles love Grape Jelly…I was surprised to see them still going to the jelly. I noticed in Ct. at my parents feeders, the Orioles stop going to the jelly a few weeks after their young fledge.

Wellfleet Audubon_013This was a first for me..have you seen this before?

Wellfleet Audubon_011Titmouse at a hummer feeder..

Wellfleet Audubon_008Small pond at the preserve..

Wellfleet Audubon_007Turtles doing what they do this time of year..

Welfleet Audubon_005Milkweed pods sending out seed..

Welfleet Audubon_002We walked the trail looking into the marsh area..

Wellfleet Audubon_001In the distant marsh I saw ten Great Blue Heron lined up..

Wellfleet Audubon_002Views to the bay..

Wellfleet Audubon_004We walked to the bay..birding along the way..

Here is a link to the list of birds you may see.

Welfleet Audubon_008

A group Yellowlegs in the grass on the side of the boardwalk.

Welfleet Audubon_011

Welfleet Audubon_009Wellfleet Audubon_009Some other birds sighted..

Spotted Sandpiper
Least Sandpiper
Semipalmated Sandpiper
Piping Plover
Semipalmated Plover
Black bellied Plover
Short-billed Dowitcher
Forster's  Tern
Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs
Black-backed Gull
Laughing Gull

Wellfleet Audubon_010Beautiful day at Wellfleet Bay Audubon

Wellfleet Audubon_012


  1. Love the Bob Whites ~ and all the other birdie photos!!! GREAT job.
    Have fun

  2. All the world should be a wildlife refuge..

  3. Thanks for your kind comments.
    I do love the Bob White too..
    I agree with you Cindy~all the world should be a wildlife refuge.

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