Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Capey things….

Jeff and I are in Cape Cod for a few weeks….

Spending time with Jeff's side of the family, enjoying the beach and what it brings.

A few days ago we spent a few hours at the beach.

Jeff, his brother and I went for a short walk.

I was curious what birds might be around other than the Laughing, Ring-billed , Greater Black-backed and Herring Gulls.


We saw a few Willet, Sanderlings, Semipalmated plover and Ruddy Turnstone.


We also saw a Black Scoter a few feet offshore in the distance.


P1140348We left the rest of the family fighting no seeums at the beach so we decided to head back in case they had enough.





P1140354I love afternoons and evenings on the beach.

P1140355Family was still there and were surviving the no seeums.

Perhaps it was the wine that was protecting them. Winking smile


Selfie time.




A very nice afternoon at the beach……

P1140372Evening on the deck with a glass of wine and the moon.


Yesterdays morning walk. The water was still…P1140384So it was decided that we should take a boat ride.


P1140390A little fishing….P1140393They all kept reeling them in one after another.P1140397Black Sea Bass

P1140400Sandy cooked a few up for dinner……delicious!


Another Fine day in Cape Cod.

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  1. love the cape... we planned to make it up that way but we are moving way too slow, will head a southernly route soon...


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