Sunday, August 09, 2015

Meet Digital

Our grand ole Ford Explorer has lived a wonderful's still alive and kicking but we knew the day would come when it wouldn't be a reliable car to pull behind our Homey anymore.

The old Ford has almost 250,000 miles and it has been pulled behind Homey another 100,000.

My father calls it the Miracle car.

It still looks pretty good from the outside.

The transmission is going and the shocks are so bad that when we hit a bump we start to swag back and forth,

It's leather seats are old and torn.

I am going to miss how we use it as a closet....and how the back seat floor becomes a trash can.

We are hard on cars.

So now we will be a bit more first....with Our new car.
Jeff checking out the dash...
Touch screen and digital just about everything.

Techno car....loaded with goodies...

It's a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk...
We are still learning how to use all the new gadgets.
I really like this cute little Jeep decal in the front window.

We are hoping that it won't cost that much to fix the old explorer and we will keep it in the area for times when we fly back for a visit.

It's too hard to say goodbye to an old friend.











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