Friday, August 28, 2015

Boaters beach..... Chatham

Went out on the boat again a few days ago.

Jeff with all the gear that goes into the boat.

Chairs for the beach, fishing rods, clamming gear, lunch, extra clothing, hats sunscreen, cameras and binoculars.

Rust and Barnacles
Salt water does a number on things...
I love these old rust buckets...still running.



Here we are at boaters's getting toward low tide....the anchors out and we walk all the gear to the beach and set up for the afternoon.
The only other way to get to this beach would be to walk about four miles from Lighthouse beach...Jeff and I have done this and intend to do it's a great birding walk and takes us most of the day.


This Black-bellied Plover on stilts- appears to be the very tall variety. :)

It's low tide and I walk around to see what birds are about.

Great Black-backed Gulls.


I found a heart and kept it. I liked the rounded form.
Do you see it?


Sea art...



Margie starts clamming.

This time we clam for steamers...soft shell clams.


We found enough for dinner that night.

Great Black-backed Gull with a crab.

Least Sandpiper


Black-bellied Plover still in breeding plumage.



A few Oystercatchers, Black-bellied Plover and a Willet.

We also saw Semipalmated Plovers, Semipalmated sandpipers and Short-billed dowitchers on the mud flats.

I love Oystercatchers!

Herring Gull with a crab


It was a beautiful day on boaters beach....

I did some walking, clamming and reading.

Fun in the sun!



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