Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Block island for the day....


I had never been to Block island before so my sister and her hubby showed me around.

We took the ferry from New London.

No bikes...just our feet and cameras.

We just went as far as our feet could take us....

A little stroll around town.



Funny story about these coins....we were taking photos of them and the shop owner came out and told us That all the visitors to the island shop, go to the beach and get drunk.
The coins were put on the sides of the stairway to slow down those who have had a few too many, so that they didn't fall down the stairs...instead they would look at them and go down slowly.



After walking thru town we decided to put our feet in the water and walk the beach.




A goose in the sand...

A funny story about these hearts.
My sister looked down and said I see a heart. I said I do too and her hubby said he saw one also.
My sister picked up her heart and it wasn't the one I saw..I pointed out the heart I saw and it wasn't the one joe saw...but all three hearts were together.

It would have been a great day for swimming...but we didn't bring our suits.

Fisherman on the rock..

Hello from the three of us..



Not us...

Waiting for the return ferry...

Not enough time!

Rainbow in the sea spray from the boat.
Next visit...bring our bikes. I would love to stay a few days and explore more of the island.


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