Sunday, September 29, 2013

Still here…Leaving soon…..


We are still in New England.

Currently in my parents driveway.

We will be here a few more weeks before we head west to Oregon where Homey will have a few things repaired and Jeff and I will walk the woods looking for mushrooms to replenish my dwindling supply.

I haven't blogged much lately… Laziness has crept in and grabbed me.


We have walked Bluff Point a few times..

I wonder how long this fella has been here?


Bluff _004I just noticed him a few weeks ago..

Bluff _002

We kayaked with Sicksta and her hubby a few weeks ago..

 Bluff _014

Did a little birding..

Bluff _020

Mushroom festival_016….And enjoyed the water..

Bluff _001Skippers filled the flowers in my parents garden..




A Garden Spider entertained  me for a day and then disappeared...

garden spider_010

I spied two grasshoppers having a grand ole time..



I have been seeing things……

Just not logging in to blog about them..


Lazy me..

busy spider..


We went to a food festival in Mystic, CT


and watched drawbridge open for the boats to move thru....

mystic_008Yep..I have been doing things..

just not blogging..

Went to a family picnic at the beach..

family picnic _008Captured the fellas snoozing..

I have been snoozing when it comes to my blog..

family picnic _011


I am having fun…just not sharing it all..


I think I might get my blogging mojo going once we get back on the road..

Departure date..

October 15th..



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