Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wellfleet Audubon walk..

Last week Jeff and I took a drive to Wellfleet Audubon.

We wanted to sign up for a boat trip to South Beach.

We were able to nab two spaces on a newly formed trip to South Beach..the following Monday..(photos of that awesome trip soon)

Welfleet audubon_003We decided to take a short walk to the bay to see what shorebirds were around.

This fella below is not a shorebird. :)

Welfleet audubon_004We walked into one of the viewing platforms that overlooked the saltwater marsh..

We saw one Great Egret and scads of American Crows.

On our way off the platform I sighted these beautiful old screws and screw holes…

IMG_5383I took a photo with my camera…

Welfleet audubon_007and one with my ipod..

Which one do you like better?

The colors are certainly very different ..

IMG_1178We took the boardwalk over to the beach..

Welfleet audubon_008Many American Goldfinch frolicking about..

Welfleet audubon_009A quick scan showed very few shorebirds..

Welfleet audubon_012We spotted an someone from Audubon ..she said the numbers of birds were low today.

Welfleet audubon_014

We did see a small assortment of Plovers, sandpipers, gulls and terns.

Nothing close enough for my small lens..

IMG_5385We were on a tight schedule and had to be back in Chatham..

We plan to visit again and hope the numbers of birds have increased with migration.

Welfleet audubon_016

Jeff and I are currently back in Lexington without Homey..staying in a family members home. I have an annual Drs. visit today. We head back to the Cape soon!

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