Friday, August 16, 2013

Morning walk in Chatham

While in Chatham we like to take a 4 to 5 mile morning walk.
We drive into town and park. We head east past Chatham Bars Inn.
Then take the shore road.

We always stop at Lighthouse beach. The yoga on the beach class is usually in session.

Our walk varies from here...
Today we headed west soon after the lighthouse.
Over a scenic old wooden bridge.

Love the yellow-orange lichen on rocks..

It's also on the trees nearby.

Idyllic scenes everywhere.

This morning the water was lovely and still.

A beautiful walk always...

Jeff and I are on the Cape for another few weeks before heading to Ct. -Then to parts very west!

All photos taken with my iPod cameras zoom lens stopped working so I sent it In for repair. Thank goodness I purchased a warranty.

What do you think of the bumper sticker below?
These were being sold at a local bait and tackle store.
I guess some of the locals are not happy about the closure of some beaches do to the Piping Plover.

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