Sunday, August 04, 2013

Scenes from Cape Cod~

More from last weekends visit to Cape Cod.

Lighthouse beach, Chatham

One of our regular stops while on our morning walk..

cape_024Yoga on the beach..

Classes seem to be bigger these days..


We do a four to five mile walk most mornings on the cape..


The walk varies depending on how long and what we want to see.

This scene is on one of my favorite routes that we take..


Same boat…always here..


Dew drops on curled grass..


We went boating in the afternoon..

cape_019Saw a few birds..

Common Loon..

cape_035 We follow the feeding frenzy again..

Gulls and Terns..

cape_039The fellas are happy..

Stripped Bass

cape_043Mattys first Stripped bass

cape_046Not all were keepers..

but in a short length of time they had over six strippers..

cape_051A Keeper..

Jeff caught this one..

Sandy and Matt pose with it.


This rusty ole fishing boat was full of shell fish..


We  were told these were a type of Conch…

cape_028The day ends with dinner at one of our favorite spots..

Sesuit Harbor Cafe..

I have Scallop Caesar Salad..yummy…

cape_063We watch the sun set as we eat dinner..

Another lovely day..

Cape Cod, Ma


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