Thursday, August 01, 2013

Just another day~Cape Cod …

Chatham Sharks in the Park

The net proceeds from this event will be donated by the Chatham Merchants Association as the seed money to the newly established, nonprofit Foundation, to create a Chatham Shark & Marine Life Center.  The "Shark Center", to be located right here in Chatham, will provide a window to our coastal community. By bringing together marine scientists, oceanographers and ecologists to study and learn, the Center's goal is to educate and inspire people of all ages to better understand and appreciate our kinship to all living beings. 


Click on this link to see all the sharks..

The Auction was held on August 1.


I loved the art on this Shark..


A Scene on both sides..

Chatham_006Chipped pottery Shark..


Rubbery Duckies on this shark



Map of Chatham Shark..

I hope that a lot of money was raised at the auction ..

I look forward to visiting the Shark Center when it opens.


There is a new boat in the family..

Waiting for the boat..

Chatham_022 - CopyNope..not this one..

Chatham_030 - CopyThis one…

We had a nice ride out to south beach

Chatham_038 - CopyJeff's mother joined us..

A real trouper..

Chatham_041 - CopyWe took a walk out to the new cut formed by the storms in the past year..

Chatham_047 During high tide boats can pass thru the cut and go from the bay into the ocean..

Chatham_045 - CopyAt high tide we did a little fishing in the new cut.

Chatham_063We followed the terns…and fished where they were fishing..

Chatham_069The Strippers are in..


We took home a keeper..


Another beautiful day…


On Cape Cod


Jeff and I have been taking car trips back and forth between where Homey has been based in Lexington to Chatham and CT.

We plan on moving Homey to the Cape next week for the month of August.

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