Sunday, August 12, 2012

Green Gem~Ebony Jewelwing

Howdee all,

In my last post I mentioned I took a gazillion photos of this gorgeous metallic green

~Ebony Jewelwing damselfly ~

(Thanks Donna and Kerri for the ID)

Try as I might..

Lexington walk_078

I could not capture the metallic green color.

Lexington walk_067It looks shiny blue here..when it should be green!

Lexington walk_071Gurrrr

Lexington walk_084

My facebook friend Donna says ...”infuriating to photograph because one can never capture its metallic beauty.”

Lexington walk_086

She is sooo right. I could not capture it as it was.

Lexington walk_095

It was lovely and shiny shiny bright metallic green..

Lexington walk_098

An amazing gem of a creature....

Lexington walk_115

Anyone else have luck capturing this beauty?

Lexington walk_118

Jeff and I are busy helping our daughter with her wedding plans.


I missed a cool Swarovski trip I was invited to this past weekend.

I appreciated the invite…

It was fun following everyone's updates from the trip~though, it did make me very jealous. :)

Still happy that I stayed here to deal with any last minute issues.

20 days and counting… Smile

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