Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New Hampshire weekend..

Howdee all,

This past weekend Jeff and I went to New Hampshire to help our daughter and her fiancé firm up some loose ends for their wedding.

In between visits to the florist, hairdresser and photographer, etc.

I took a few photos.

Isn't it bee u ti full?

New hamp_006I have been sooo busy and have taken no time to ID these..


If you would like to hop in and give me an ID…. please feel free… Smile

New hamp_008

Otherwise, I will just wait and ID these when my mind is not centered on wedding plans….and just enjoy these lovely insects without names…

Beauty in blue…

New hamp_015I think this below is the same as the first photo above, just with wings opened  ..but not sure..

New hamp_021

 New hamp_022

Saturday evening after a nice dinner we all went for a walk..

the Cedar Waxwings were cleaning up and getting ready to rest for the evening…

 New hamp_031

The sun was setting…

New hamp_035We watched the Great Blue Heron..

New hamp_036

and  savored this beautiful New Hampshire sunset.

New hamp_039While our minds were full of wedding plans..

New hamp_040

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